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Cadet Class III-12

[Starting Cadets 116 (CTC III-12 Week 20) Remaining Cadets 95]

Week 20 for CTC III-12 was full of testing and certifications that required critical thinking from every cadet. As both companies completed their last night shoot with the range staff, our abilities and confidence have progressed beyond our own expectations. As our training continues, CTC III-12 learns the basis of DUI report writing and accident investigation.

As the week advanced, B Company was tested on many different scenarios from the criminal law and enforcement tactics unit. A company was fortunate enough to be provided with a wet lab for DUI testing and to sharpen our skills of Field Sobriety Testing. With the continued motivation from all of the academy staff and our known location of our area office, CTC III-12 pushes forward into the remaining weeks of training.

(Cadet Helble, James R., CTC III-12, Company A)

[Starting Cadets 118 (CTC III-12 Week 17) Remaining Cadets 116]

Week 17 proved to be a busy and challenging week for CTC III-12. Company A began the week certifying in the use of the Taser, and learned first-hand the short term effects aggressive combatants will feel when it is used.

As a class we were introduced to real world scenarios from the Enforcement Tactics unit. We will be required to demonstrate our abilities in this realistic training over the next few weeks. In domestic violence class we have been practicing and learning the importance of handling each incident with professionalism and courtesy.

Our week concluded with an accident investigation graded report. This exam is a big part of what our responsibilities will be as Officers when documenting collisions on our state highways. Each day completed is one day closer to graduation and we continue to stay on track and focused. Also, we would like to thank the Staff Office for their continued support and patience. Thanks to their leadership and knowledge we are all coming close to our goal of becoming Officers.

(Cadet Bruemmer, Grant. CTC III-12, Company A)

[Starting Cadets 121 (CTC III-12 Week 15) Remaining Cadets 118]

Week 15 for CTC III-12 has brought on many challenges and tests that we have been mentally and physically preparing for. The start of the week began with our Range Instructors testing our abilities with the AR-15 Rifle on the Task Oriented Qualification Course. We were also tested with our sidearm and shotgun and with the completion of all 3 tests; CTC III-12 had the motivating experience of a pepper spray session that will not soon be forgotten.

Our training this week has consisted of both indoor and outdoor class time. CTC III-12 was introduced to Felony Stop procedures and the many tasks involved. We also learned about the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Device which is used to determine preliminary blood alcohol levels. Our class has continued to stay dedicated to Cadet Training and would like to thank all of the Staff and Instructors for their motivation going into week 16.

(Cadet Helble, James R., CTC III-12, Company A)

[Starting Cadets 121 (CTC III-12 Week 14) Remaining Cadets 121]

Week 14 offered new and exciting challenges for CTC III-12. This week we tested our ability to complete a basic traffic stop, we certified in our handcuffing techniques, and we completed the PPT. We also trained to be ready our upcoming weapons qualifications next week.

CTC III-12 would like to give a very special thanks to the Staff Officers for giving so much of their own time to ensure we are all prepared for the many exams we will be facing over the coming weeks. Without the Staff Office, we would all be completely lost.

CTC III-12 would also like to welcome our junior class, CTC IV-12, and encourage them as they begin down the road we share towards becoming California Highway Patrol Officers.

(Cadet Pielock, Marc R., CTC III-12, Company B)

[Starting Cadets 124 (CTC III-12 Week 13) Remaining Cadets 121]

As we complete week 13, we would like to wish our newly graduated Officers of CTC II-12, the best of luck in the field. As our mentors, they each guided us in their own individual ways and helped us adapt to our fast paced learning environment. Their motivation, leadership, and direction have been invaluable and will have an everlasting effect on us. We can hardly wait to provide the same mentoring to our incoming junior class.

As we were the only class in the Academy this week, the Staff office and PT Staff were able to motivate and inspire us with individual attention. We began the first course of our enforcement scenario training this week. We also had an opportunity to participate in live fire shotgun and pistol scenarios at the range. As our weapons training progresses, we are honing our skills while preparing for our upcoming certifications. Additionally, we completed the last of our instruction in felony handcuffing techniques and prepare for certification this coming week. With the full support from the Academy (especially the Staff office), family, friends and fellow Cadets, we push on and continue growing together as a team.

(Cadet Bourassa, P., CTC III-12, Company A)

[Starting Cadets 124 (CTC III-12 Week 12) Remaining Cadets 124]

CTC III-12 started week 12 with our seniors motivating us both mentally and physically in our PT session. CTC III-12 was introduced to both of our long guns: the Remington 870 and the AR-15. We performed mock field sobriety tests, felony handcuffing techniques, collision investigation, and we took our midterm P.O.S.T. examination this week. It is evident more now than ever, if we are to be successful in our endeavor to become California Highway Patrolmen, we must improve our time management skills, practice our techniques, and most importantly come together as a class.

We also marked an end and a beginning for CTC III-12, by saying goodbye to our Seniors on Friday, but beginning our tenure as upperclassmen to CTC IV-12, who arrives on November 4, 2012. CTC III-12 will do its best, to set an example of what a Cadet should be; motivated, disciplined, and dedicated. Although we only have one week before CTC IV-12 arrives, I am confident the Staff office and PT Staff will provide us with the proper motivation and direction we need to become outstanding upperclassmen.

(Cadet Rutherford, Joshua M., CTC III-12, Company B)

[Starting Cadets 130 (CTC III-12 Week 11) Remaining Cadets 124]

As week 11 comes to an end, CTC III-12 pushes forward, overcoming a difficult week of training. We also admire our seniors, who are heading into their last week of training. We have a long way to go, but looking at them, our motivation becomes stronger. With our families and Academy staff behind us, we will overcome the difficult weeks that lie ahead.

The range Staff has helped us with the difficult weapons course this week. We have learned many basic shooting techniques, which all Cadets must master to become proficient shooters. The Academy Instructors also challenge us with DUI, Spanish, range, and enforcement tactics. As our workload increases, our class understands the importance of teamwork and attention to detail. CTC III-12 is up to the challenges that are to come.

(Cadet Helble, James R., CTC III-12, Company A)

[Starting Cadets 137 (CTC III-12 Week 10) Remaining Cadets 130]

Week 10 has been full of many new challenges for CTC III-12. This week, we were introduced to the range staff and given the added responsibility of our State issued duty weapon. Weapons training is another constant reminder of the duty and responsibility we will learn to live by on a daily basis. We have also been busy completing the skid control driving course and physical methods of arrest. In addition, we have started to learn the basics for scenario testing that we will continue to build upon each week.

Our training has now started to move from basic classroom instruction to a more interactive approach, which will be required of us as new Officers out in the field. We will continue to give maximum effort as individuals and as a team; we will strive to stay motivated as we continue to move closer to our ultimate goal of graduation.

(Cadet Bruemmer, Grant A., CTC III-12, Company A)

[Starting Cadets 139 (CTC III-12 Week 9) Remaining Cadets 137]

CTC III-12 is continuing to advance toward our ultimate goal of becoming Highway Patrol Officers. Week Nine has offered our class many challenges as we have continued training in Skid Pan, DUI Investigation, and Collision Investigation. We completed testing for EVOC and Laws of Arrest. This week we began to apply all the knowledge we have gained in those subjects by starting to train for scenarios.

This week our class was introduced to the Enforcement Tactics Unit and we are all very excited to begin training with them. CTC III-12 has learned valuable lessons and tactics needed to become good officers from the entire academy staff thus far.

(Cadet Pielock, Marc R., CTC III-12, Company B)

[Starting Cadets 142 (CTC III-12 Week 8) Remaining Cadets 139]

The class of CTC III-12 has continuously been motivated and compelled to become the best cadets we can be. Every week, we strive to become stronger and work together as a class. The Academy Staff has continued to help us further our development as cadets.

This week we were given the opportunity to perform the Fountain Ceremony, to honor the fallen California Highway Patrol Officers that have lost their lives in the line of duty. It instills great Honor in us, to be part of such a wonderful ceremony. The class of CTC III-12 will continue to perform the Fountain Ceremony with great pride every Wednesday, until we pass the honor to our juniors.

CTC III-12 would like to thank retired Officer Mulata, who spoke to us last week. He shared with us his amazing story and drive to carry out his duties through all circumstances. We can all learn from his years of experience on the Department. Thank you, Officer Mulata!

(Cadet Pardini, Douglas A., CTC III-12, Co. B)

[Starting Cadets 151 (CTC III-12 Week 7) Remaining Cadets 142]

CTC III-12 began our calling to Law Enforcement on August 06, 2012. At the start of our Academy Training, we met as strangers and began a transformation into a team. Every day the Cadets of CTC III-12 are motivated by the Staff Office, PT Staff, and Academy Instructors, while we learn the expectations of the California Highway Patrol.

Much of our time thus far is spent in the classroom, learning the basics of Law Enforcement. We are continually tested on our knowledge of the California Vehicle Code, Crimes and their classifications, Enforcement documents, and Spanish. Some of our Cadets have started EVOC (Vehicle Placement & Skidpan) training.

CTC III-12 is challenged daily with the rigorous demands of the Physical Training program, along with Physical Methods of Arrest. This week we also began Baton certifications. As the week came to a close, we were able to interact with Retired CHP officers and felt honored to assist them on Retirees day. We would like to give a special thanks to the Staff Office for their continued motivation, assistance with uniform details, quizzing us on our knowledge and support of our training.

(Cadet James Helble, CTC III-12, Co. A)

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