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The California Highway Patrol

Cadet Class I-13

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13, Week 22) Remaining Cadets 95

CTC II-13 is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as we finish our 22nd week of Academy training. We continued to refine our Collision Investigation and DUI Assessment skills as we prepare for our rapidly approaching Field Training. The entire class had the opportunity to participate in our Community Project event, with half of us providing service to the Sacramento Children’s Home, a non-profit agency which provides help to troubled and abused children, and half of us working at the Shriners Hospital. It was truly great to be able to give back to the community.

We finished off the week participating in Ride-Alongs at our future Area Offices. This gave us all great motivation to stay focused for the remainder of our Academy training. CTC II-13 would like to thank the Staff Officers and all of our instructors for motivating and preparing us for the road ahead.

(Cadet Williams, Adam, CTC II-13, Company B)

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13, Week 19) Remaining Cadets 102

As the weeks progress, all of our training continues to come together. Everything we have learned from week one until now was implemented with scenario testing for Company A this week. Company B will have their chance next week to show off what they have learned when they complete scenario testing. Both the Criminal Law unit and the Enforcement Tactics unit have spent countless hours preparing all of us for scenarios and situations we might encounter on the road. Company A finished off the week with 18 hours of simunition training. The simunition scenarios gave us hands on training on how to properly handle critical incidents that will be seen in the field. Also, the DUI Unit set up a wet lab for Company B so they could certify in field sobriety tests. Lastly, we received our dream sheet of open areas where we select to be stationed. The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming bigger at the end of every week!

(Daniel Keene, California Highway Patrol Cadet)

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13, Week 18) Remaining Cadets 102

It has been another outstanding week for cadets here at the Academy. This training week emphasized “Officer Safety” more than ever before. Our week started with boxing matches between cadets, pushing us to the edge with every punch. Keeping our survival creed in mind, we had the opportunity to continue the fight rather than giving up. Cadets were also introduced to OC Spray and the Taser. We were all ‘shocked’ to discover how effective the device can be.

CTC II-13 crossed another milestone this week, eagerly welcoming the arrival of our junior cadet class, CTC I-14. Class morale is higher than ever as we come together as a class and prepare for our upcoming practical scenario tests. We thank the Staff Office in particular for their continued efforts to correct our deficiencies and prepare us for our long careers after graduation.

(Cadet Tran, James C. CTC II-13, Company B)

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13, Week 17) Remaining Cadets 110

The New Year’s Resolution is familiar to everyone. Some people want to lose weight, learn to play piano, or finally read that book that’s collected so much dust. Resolutions for cadets, especially those of CTC II-13 may sound a little out of the ordinary. Cadets are making plans to improve their firearm skills, perfect their knowledge of DUI investigations and stay focused on success at EVOC. Week 17 brought the start of the new year and with it new challenges. Pistol qualification topped the list as the biggest challenge of the week. Pistol qualification requires a great amount of skill and focus. The class continued its preparation for the upcoming scenario weeks. Scenario week consists of mock emergency and non-emergency calls that these cadets will be expected to manage and resolve. This week the cadets focused on domestic violence and pedestrian contacts. Last but not least each cadet in Company A felt the effects of a five second taze. The conductive energy weapon packs a heavy punch. Company B will have the pleasure next week. Surely no remediation will be needed for the taser test.

(Cadet Zachary S. Edwards, California Highway Patrol Cadet)

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13, Week 16) Remaining Cadets 110

CTC II-13 continued to progress through our academy training during week 16. The training and skills we obtained in our first 15 weeks is beginning to be put to the test as we prepare for upcoming scenario testing and the ultimate goal of life on the road as an officer of the California Highway Patrol. Both companies had the opportunity to perform a felony stop exercise that combined many of the techniques we have learned including vehicle operations, weapons handling, and arrest techniques. We also spent many hours at the range preparing for firearms qualifications.

The Christmas Holiday gave CTC II-13 a chance to refocus and prepare for the challenging weeks ahead. The upcoming arrival of our junior class motivates us to work together to represent the professionalism and dedication that has been demonstrated to us by the Staff Officers and other academy staff for the past 15 weeks. CTC II-13 would like to especially thank the Staff Officers, as well as our families, and loved ones for supporting us through our academy experience.

(Cadet Williams, Adam, CTC II-13, Co. B)

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13, Week 15) Remaining Cadets 118

As CTC II-13 progresses through the training, the weeks are becoming more and more challenging. The cadets of Companies A and B have become familiar with academy life in West Sacramento. It is the knowledge and experience of how to be an officer for the California Highway Patrol which they lack. Week 15 reminded the cadets of that fact through multiple scenario tests with Enforcement Tactics and Criminal Laws units. This week also included a learning domain test, physical fitness testing and PMA certifications. Many cadets found success throughout the week. Looking back is sure to foster a sense of pride for the small victory. The cadets have little if any time to celebrate as the weeks continue and greater challenges are fast approaching. CTC II-13 is reminded daily of the value and importance that academy training holds. Every step, order, and task must be done with purpose and discipline. The small and simple things CTC II-13 perfects in the academy will lead to safety and success in the field.

(Cadet Zachary S. Edwards, CTC II-13)

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13, Week 14) Remaining Cadets 118

CTC II-13 had a busy and productive week as we passed the half-way point in our stay at the finest law enforcement academy in the world. Our week started early as both companies were up well before the sun completing our PPP agility test, which consisted of a timed 500 yard run, an obstacle course, and simulated litter carry. The demanding fitness program that the physical training staff has led us through has greatly improved our stamina, agility, and mental toughness.

We also had the opportunity to apply the training we have received from the Enforcement Tactics staff as we completed our night time basic stop scenario. CTC II-13 is getting into the Christmas spirit and is participating in the Chips for Kids Toy Drive. We have also volunteered time with the Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) group. We are encouraged to be heading into the second half of our academy experience and we look forward to tackling the challenges ahead.

(Cadet Williams, Adam, CTC II-13, Company B)

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13, Week 13) Remaining Cadets 120

CTC II-13 faced a new challenge in week 13 when temperatures in West Sacramento dropped below the freezing level. The Southern and Coastal Californians who now call Sacramento home could be seen huddling up together for warmth. The extra weight that many cadets had gained before coming to the academy in preparation for cold winter is now gone thanks to our intense workout regimen and training table. The cold weather did not slow or postpone any of the heavy workload that we now face as cadets as the second of three Physical Fitness Tests were completed which included pushing for the maximum performance in push-ups, sit ups, pull ups, and 300 meter run.

CTC II-13 spent many hours this week practicing the skills needed to perform a safe basic traffic stop by pulling over their fellow cadets. The cadets were allowed to practice their skills into the night, something that is becoming more and more familiar to Company A. We have received special instruction on the importance of being prepared and have had the privilege of being taught and mentored by officers with years of experience and knowledge. Many of these officers have gone through situations where their training and preparation have not only saved their lives but the lives of others. Being prepared for most any situation is a challenge that every cadet has been given and one that each cadet will strive to achieve.

(Cadet Zachary Edwards, CTC II-13, Company A)

Starting Cadets 143
(CTC II-13 Week 12) Remaining Cadets 123

CTC II-13 has completed our 12th week. Company A, which consists of 60 cadets, continues its uphill climb toward the finish after a well-deserved Thanksgiving break. Each cadet feels a great sense of accomplishment making it this far and looks forward with anticipation to the weeks ahead. As the midway point of Cadet Training approaches, the workload continues to increase. Our focus has turned to Scenario Demonstrations, Enforcement Tactics, Firearms Training, and EVOC and they all occupy the majority of each cadet’s day. The Physical Training Staff has tested the company physically and mentally with daily workouts and PMA Instruction. The leadership and guidance of the Staff Office is ever present and they are always ready to right the ship should it veer off course. The week to come is sure to prove challenging for Company A.

(Cadet Zachary Edwards, CTC II-13, Company A)

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