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The California Highway Patrol

Life At The Academy

Welcome to the California Highway Patrol Academy

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You have made the decision to become part of a remarkable organization. The California Highway Patrol is known as one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the world.

The road to becoming an officer will be a challenging one. You will be tested mentally, physically and emotionally on a daily basis. The purpose of the training regimen is to instill pride and discipline in each cadet.

Experiences of our Cadet Classes:



Cadet Class II-14
Cadet Class III-14
Cadet Class IV-14
Cadets at inspection

The California Highway Patrol is often described as a "paramilitary" department, and that is true. The uniforms, ranks and insignias, chain of command, and the long-standing traditions resemble a military organization.

There is a remarkable esprit de corps in the California Highway Patrol that is unique to this organization. On graduation day you will have earned and will take great pride in your new position as an Officer of the California Highway Patrol.

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