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The California Highway Patrol

Welcome to Community Outreach & Media Relations

We are responsible for overseeing the California Highway Patrol's (CHP) statewide community outreach activities. COMR also provides guidance, direction, and support to CHP personnel across the state regarding community outreach issues. Additionally, we facilitate and promote the development of community partnerships directed toward solving and preventing community-related problems and issues.

California contains diverse cultures, peoples, and ages. And we have this in common: We use the road to go places. Help us do it safely. The CHP is actively trying to get our accident and fatality rate down. Below are the programs designed to help promote safety and communication between the diverse California residents and the CHP. Please look into them - you could save someone's life. LEARN MORE ABOUT COMR.


Community Outreach Programs Benefitting Our Community

Car accidents remain the leading cause of death among teens (ages 16-19); at least 75% of the accidents had nothing to do with drugs and/or alcohol. We hope you'll look into two programs for teen drivers, Impact Teen Drivers, and Start Smart.

Impact Teen Drivers is a non-profit, public awareness and education program designed to educate teens about the dangers of distracted driving. This website is filled with great videos and information for students, lesson ideas for teachers, and a Memorial Wall to remember friends lost to accidents. The CHP's Start Smart is targeted for new and future teen drivers, with real life incidents of what happens on the road. Contact your local CHP Office to find out about any upcoming Start Smart classes - make sure your teen is aware of the dangers he or she may face while on the road.

Translation Services:
The California Highway Patrol's goal is safety and service - and being able to communicate with everyone living in or visiting California is important for this reason. COMR is responsible for maintaining the translation services needed for almost 20 languages.

Child Passenger Safety Program:
For parents interested in learning more about their child's safety while transporting them in a motor vehicle. To schedule an appointment to get your child's safety seat checked or to obtain further information on child passenger safety, contact your local CHP office.

Highway Safety Corridors:
The Highway Safety Corridor program is aimed at alerting drivers to exercise caution and be safe on roads that have higher rates of accidents. These inlude Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Motorcyclist safety.

Senior Volunteer Program:
The Senior Volunteer Program (SVP) is administered by the CHP in cooperation with county and regional retired senior programs throughout the state. Seniors can be active while positively influencing the community through CHP's customer service.

Mentoring Kids:
These invaluable relationships help reduce kids' involvement with drugs and other illegal activities, and increase academic performance. The CHP is strongly committed to mentoring programs at all levels, and we invite you to learn more about them and to be a positive influence in a young person's life.


Please Contact Community Outreach and Media Relations at 916.843.3210 with questions, input or suggestions.