Office of Media Relations

Community Outreach & Media Relations

Office of Media Relations The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for providing safety and service to the motoring public throughout California's vast highway transportation network. The CHP patrols over 103,000 miles of highway, the majority of which are roads outside incorporated city limits. These roadways connect the many different and distinct communities of rural, suburban, and metropolitan areas, and travel all 58 counties, providing California's 23 million licensed drivers with an organized system for travel.

Providing individualized service to these communities to reduce traffic collisions and congestion requires the CHP to learn the intricacies of the community and to work through partnerships to deliver services and resolve ongoing, recurring problems. To accomplish these objectives, the CHP created the Office of Community Outreach & Media Relations (COMR). This section, based at CHP Headquarters in Sacramento, is responsible for overseeing the CHP's statewide community outreach and marketing activities. COMR also provides guidance, direction, training, and support to CHP personnel across the state regarding community outreach issues.

As a philosophy, community outreach promotes a new and innovative approach to solving the problems of the community through the development and use of partnerships with community members, community and service organizations, and other public and private entities. Thus, COMR facilitates and promotes the development of community partnerships directed towards solving and preventing community-related problems and issues.

The CHP has a successful tradition of working with governmental agencies, community groups, private businesses, and public organizations to accomplish its goals and promote public safety. From working with local allied agencies to curb an escalating crime rate, public agencies to discourage underage drinking, community residents to address local traffic complaints, or private businesses to promote responsible alcohol consumption, the CHP has created partnerships focused on enhancing traffic safety while improving the community's overall quality of life.

Nurturing further community involvement, participation, and partnerships with local communities will not only increase traffic safety, but also provide the public with ample opportunity to be part of the CHP- community partnership team. This, in turn, will increase understanding and support for CHP operations and programs.

Interaction with community groups is an invaluable and positive resource with unlimited potential. The team spirit and synergy created by these partnerships allows for increased communication between the community and the CHP, more efficient and effective traffic safety programs, and greater understanding of issues that create barriers to partnerships.

Together, in partnership with the community, the CHP's ability to positively impact traffic safety increases significantly. The motto of these partnerships is "Shared Responsibility, Shared Success," a recipe for true accomplishment and traffic safety.