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The California Highway Patrol

Community Outreach & Media Relations - Senior Services

Being a Senior Citizen today is much different than it was a generation ago. Seniors today are healthier and more active. They have experience and wisdom that is in short supply these days - and we hope to tap those resources. If you're a Senior Citizen, and would like to give back to the community, contact us. We can help you be safe on the road, and we think you can help others, too.


Senior Programs and Services

Designated Drivers Save Lives.

Designate A Sober Driver

Reduce DUIs: Be a true friend - be a designated driver. Help the CHP reduce the number of traffic incidents involving DUIs - and get EVERYONE home alive.

Video: Never mix Drinking and Driving.

Community Outreach & Media Relations

Older Californian Traffic Safety

Older Californian Traffic Safety

OUR MISSION: To reduce motor vehicle collision and pedestrian deaths and injuries experienced by older Californians and to increase seniors' alternate transportation options when driving is no longer an option.

View videos to help educate Older Californian Drivers and their families.

Senior Volunteer Program

Senior Volunteer Program: The Senior Volunteer Program (SVP) is administered by the CHP in cooperation with county and regional retired senior programs throughout the state. Seniors can be active while positively influencing the community through CHP's customer service.

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