Office of Air Operations

The Office of Air Operations is responsible for the management of the Department's Air Operations Program.

CHP helicopter over EVOC track Among its many responsibilities, the Office of Air Operations is charged with administering the aviation program budget, formulating departmental policy relative to air operations, coordinating the aviation safety program, conducting initial and recurrent pilot and flight officer testing, coordinating departmental paramedic training, determining departmental aircraft specifications, conducting departmental aircraft accident/incident investigations, and performing liaison duties with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Office of Air Operations programs include:

  • Aviation Safety Program
    Coordinates and oversees all aspects of safety.
  • Paramedic Program
    Coordinates Advanced Life Support within the Department.
  • Pilot Testing Program
    Responsible for administering tests to eligible candidates within the Department.
  • Peace Officers Standards and Training Air Crew Course
    Responsible for coordinating basic flight crew training for CHP and allied agencies.
  • Aircraft Parts Purchasing Program
    Oversees the purchasing of parts for departmental aircraft.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Program
    Ensures that all maintenance performed on departmental aircraft complies with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.
CHP Cessna, in flight

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