Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division is comprised of five sections:

  • Business Services - is responsible for purchasing, warehousing, and distributing all departmental supplies and equipment (except for vehicles and telecommunications and data-processing equipment). The section also manages mail and messenger services; printing of manuals and other publications; and the maintenance and custodianship of personnel and other significant records.

  • Facilities - manages the acquisition and maintenance of CHP office facilities, awards contracts for construction and maintenance, and develops radio sites.

  • Fiscal Management - prepares the CHP budget, discusses and defends it in sessions with the Legislature, the Department of Finance, and the Legislative Analyst, then monitors and reports the Department's expenditures through monthly budget analyses to ensure they remain within the Department's annual appropriation. Fiscal Management Section makes payments to vendors, issues invoices, collects payments, prepares and distributes the payroll, and develops and implements CHP fiscal policies.

  • Fleet Operations - buys, equips, and distributes all motor vehicles operated by the Department. This includes the installation of specialized enforcement equipment.>/p>

  • Human Resources - encompass all departmental personnel services, including selection and promotional examinations for uniformed and nonuniformed classifications; recruitment; disability and retirement benefits; workers' compensation; injury and illness case management; Department's classification plan; and employee assistance programs.

ASD responsibilities include, but are not limited to, policy development and program management relating to accounts payable and receivable, travel expenses, departmental budget development, inventory management, contracts, purchasing, reproduction, mail services and supply services, departmental forms and Formflow development and revision, facilities acquisition, repair and maintenance, and vehicle/motorcycle acquisition, equipping and repair.

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