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Commercial Vehicle Section

The primary responsibility of Commercial Vehicle Section is the Department's commercial vehicle enforcement program. On-highway programs are those related to regulation or enforcement of commercial vehicles on public highway. Off-highway programs are those pertaining to the general regulation of commercial vehicles based in California at their place of business.

Programs of the Commercial Vehicle Section

Specific programs include: North American Free Trade Agreement; Hazardous Materials/Bio-Terrorism; On- and Off-Highway Commercial Enforcement/Inspection issues; Registration, Motor Carrier Permits; Driver License; Size, Weight, and Load Requirements; Hazardous Materials; Hours-of-Service; Out-of-Service Issue; Farm Labor Vehicles, Licensing and Permits; Commercial Vehicle Intelligent Transportation Systems; PrePass Electronic Clearance Program; Biennial Inspection of Terminals; Special Vehicles, School Buses; Engineering; Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program; School Pupil Transportation; and the Commercial Industry Education Program.

Units of the Commercial Vehicle Section

Commercial Vehicle Section is comprised of the following units:

Items of Interest

STAR Awards Program - 2010

CVS Summit - 2007

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