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Enforcement and Planning Division

The Enforcement and Planning Division was created in January 2010 by merging Planning and Analysis Division and Enforcement Services Division.

Enforcement and Planning Division has oversight of the Collision Investigation Unit and four subordinate commands: Research and Planning Section, Commercial Vehicle Section, Special Projects Section, and the Field Support Section.

Enforcement and Planning Division is the primary liaison with the California Office of Traffic Safety, the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Department of Transportation, the California Department of Justice, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the California Environmental Protection Agency, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, and Chairperson of the California Motorcyclist Safety Program Advisory Committee. Additionally, the Division is charged with policy development and program management responsibilities relating to motorcycle safety, driving under the influence and speed enforcement, commercial and specialized vehicle regulation, vehicular equipment regulation, transportation of hazardous materials and waste, hazardous materials emergency response, radiological transportation, charter bus safety, hazardous materials routing, vehicle theft, Asset Forfeiture Program, Departmental Canine Program, Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team Program, Freeway Service Patrol, investigative activities, Post-Academy Advanced Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Training Programs, Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist Certification Program, and other related matters.

Additionally, the Division provides primary support to Executive Management in a number of areas, including research projects, legislation review, and response to inquiries received from internal and external sources.

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