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Community Outreach

Community Outreach is one of the principle strengths of Golden Gate Division. First adopted in the Castro Valley Area in 1998, "Community Policing" allowed the CHP to reach out and work close to the people living within a community. The idea is to have each employee act as an ambassador to the community and learn the community's specific needs. Then those needs would be addressed through the numerous educational programs offered by the CHP. The result would be a reduction in traffic violations and collisions. By establishing partnerships with community-based organizations, there is more of an opportunity to have the traffic safety messages circulated to many different groups in our diverse community. Our presentations mostly focus on occupant restraints, speed, distracted driving, and impaired drivers. Many of these presentations involve detailed planning and logistics for personnel and Department vehicles, aircraft, and technology.

Golden Gate Division recognizes the opportunities to impress upon its employees the importance of effective communication, developing strategic partnerships, and improving customer service to our community members. It takes a coordinated effort and resources of every community. The answer is not just one Area office, one agency, or one group. It is the responsibility of each member of the community.

It is the youths, adults, mentors, schools, media, and law enforcement agencies working together that will be the most effective. Through community partnerships, education and high visibility enforcement, we strive to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by motorists failing to be attentive to their driving, neglecting or misusing restraint systems, disobeying speed laws, and driving under the influence. As part of our ongoing mission to provide the highest levels of safety, service, and security, we strive to develop and employ innovative and effective programs to the benefit of the people we serve - the people of California. We encourage you to contact your local CHP office or refer to CHP's main website at to obtain more information on CHP programs, presentations, and community involvement.