Golden Gate Division

Public Information Unit

The Public Information Unit actively participates in providing education and promoting traffic safety through its community outreach services and ongoing media relations. The Public Information Unit educates the public through the use of media contacts such as newspapers, specialty magazines, radio programs, television programs, and news organizations. In addition, the Public Information Unit presents information through Department and Area programs. The objective is to generate positive external and internal support for the mission and goals of the Department through information dissemination.

All public information concerning Golden Gate Division, as well as all community outreach activities provided, are coordinated through a special team of Public Information Officers (PIOs). The PIO is literally the extension and public face of each Area office. The PIOs' duties are many and varied, but their main focus is to act as the information liaisons between the community and the Department. PIOs provide the first line of information to the broadcast and printed media for any newsworthy issues. PIOs are responsible for teaming with media in the best possible and most effective manner in order to promote and amplify the traffic safety message.

One of the most important duties of the PIO is to procure traffic community sponsorships. Through these partnerships and with active participation from the PIO the Department gains trust and respect. Working with groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Safe Kids, our messages such as "Buckle Up", "It's Not Worth It", "Click It or Ticket", "Sober Graduation", "Teen Impact", "Every 15 Minutes", "Start Smart", and "Arrive Alive", are reaching increasing numbers both children and adults. In addition to community partnerships, CHP coordinates with several mutli-agency law enforcement campaigns (such as AVOID) to reduce DUI related traffic collisions through enforcement and education.

In order to meet the needs of today's mobile lifestyle and the desire for information on the go, Golden Gate Division established a Twitter account "@CHP_GoldenGate" to increase awareness and community outreach. @CHP_GoldenGate is followed by radio, television, other public agencies, and citizens throughout the Bay Area. @CHP_GoldenGate provides information on current road conditions, collisions, safety reminders, and enforcement campaigns in the Bay Area. Golden Gate Division El Protector Program is also part of the PIO Unit. Under this program, the first Department's Spanish Twitter account was recently established, @CHP_GoldenGate2.

Any questions relating to current CHP incidents please contact the Public Information Unit at: (707) 648-4180
or refer to CHP's main website at

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