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The Castro Valley Area was one of the first California Highway Patrol (CHP) Areas to adopt "Community Oriented policing" in 1998 for the Department. The Castro Valley Area is considered as one of the community outreach leaders in the State. Community outreach is one of the principle strengths of our Area. Every Castro Valley Area employee understands their responsibility to the community and to maintaining the integrity of the CHP. Every employee is dedicated to providing the highest level of indispensable customer service to the communities we serve.

The Castro Valley Area understands the importance of providing safety, service and security to the citizens of Alameda County. To further the mission of the CHP, the Castro Valley Area works closely with State Elected Officials, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, community leaders and over four homeowner associations. Officers attend monthly meetings and local media outlets to promote traffic safety. The Castro Valley Area actively participates in programs such as Avoid the 21, Click-it-or-Ticket, Litter Enforcement Days, Child Passenger Safety (CPS) checkups/installations and public events.

Enforcing the law is only one part of the ongoing solution to traffic safety. The Castro Valley Area strives to have a great working relationship with our media outlets. Having a supportive relationship with local media groups enhances our ability to promote our traffic safety message and save lives.

The California Highway Patrol is involved in your community. While we work to protect and serve the people of California, we are also Californians ourselves. Our uniformed officers and non-uniformed staff work hard both on and off the job to make California a safe, healthy and prosperous place to live. Below are pictures of the Castro Valley Area in action, both on and off the job, working for and with the people of the Bay Area.

Chipper (CHP Mascot) poses with the Nesquick
Bunny at "Run to the Lake" in Castro Valley.

(L-R) Senior Volunteers Brian Wong, Cora Owens,
the late Art Johnson, and Michael Valerio staff
the CHP Information Booth.

Start Smart Program

Start Smart is a teenage driver safety class which the Castro Valley Area provides to our community on a monthly basis. Teens who wish to attend Start Smart must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. The CHP believes that Start Smart is the initial step in educating teen drivers on safe driving practices. Students learn about defense driving versus offensive driving, inattention or distracted driving, driving under the influence (DUI) and many other related topics.

The Castro Valley Area works with the Alameda County Superior traffic court division. Teens are often mandated by the court to attend Start Smart because they have been convicted of a traffic violation. Upon completion of the Star Smart program, the teen is presented with a certificate of attendance.

(L-R) Officer Daniel Jacowitz, Elijah, Gina (mom), Arriana and Eliseo attend a Start Smart class at the Castro Valley library.

Age Well/Drive Smart Program

(L-R) Castro Valley Area Senior Volunteers Larry Evans and Wayne Janssen pose for a photo opportunity before providing an Age Well/Drive Smart presentation.

Age Well/Drive Smart was designed to reach out to the Older Drivers of California. Adults ages 55-80 are encouraged to attend this class. We are all aging and it is good to refresh our memories on the rules and ways of the road. For a majority of older drivers it has been years, if not decades, since taking their DMV test for their license. Age Well/Drive Smart covers traffic laws, older driver safety, healthy life styles and driving practices, alternate ways and means of transportation, when you should consider "hanging up the keys" and other related topics.

Child Passenger Safety Program

Thousands of children are injured or killed every year by safety seats that are improperly fastened by parents or caretakers. Remember, most collisions occur within a mile of the home - so buckle up your child in a safety seat for every trip, no matter how short.

Child passenger safety is paramount to the Castro Valley Area. We conduct weekly child safety seat inspections/installations. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Castro Valley Area Office at (510) 581-9028.

Jordan feels safe in her car seat after it was inspected by a Castro Valley CHP Area certified technician.

Every 15 Minutes Program

Unique in its design and powerful in its impact, "Every 15 Minutes" is an educational experience that reminds us of all the dangers associated with driving while impaired. The Every 15 Minutes program is a two-day program focusing on high school juniors and seniors, which challenges them to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, the responsibility of making mature decisions and the impact their decisions have on family, friends and many others.

Officer Anthony Rossi and Alameda County Fire Fighters participate in an Every 15 Minutes program at Castro Valley High School.


Officer Daniel Jacowitz arrests the suspected DUI driver who was the cause of the traffic collision.

The Castro Valley Area partners with Alameda County First Responders, the Alameda County Coroner's Bureau and Eden hospital to present the Every 15 Minutes program to high school in our communities. This program brings together a broad coalition of interested local agencies with the goal of reducing alcohol-related incidents among youth. The partnering of the California Highway Patrol, emergency medical responders, local law enforcement, schools, businesses and service clubs validates the importance of working together to ensure a healthy community.

Avoid the 21

The Castro Valley CHP Area participates in the Alameda County Avoid the 21 program. The Avoid the 21 program was created to crack down on drunk drivers. This program is named for its 21 law enforcement agencies that participate in the program. The Castro Valley Area participates in this program by increasing DUI patrols during Maximum Enforcement Periods (MEP) and by providing DUI education classes to the community.

Community Recognition

'Saved by the Belt' was started by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Saved by the Belt recognizes individuals who have avoided serious bodily injury or death by wearing their seatbelt. If you are determined to have been the cause or contributed to the cause of the traffic collision then you would not be eligible to receive this award. The Castro Valley Area participates and supports Saved by the Belt and continues to recognize people with this outstanding award.

On November 14, 2012, Robert Dennis of Castro Valley was recognized for wearing his seatbelt by Lieutenant Christopher J. Sherry, Commander of the Castro valley CHP Area Office. In October, Mr. Dennis was involved in a traffic collision with another vehicle in a busy intersection of Castro Valley. Mr. Dennis avoided serious bodily injury, if not death, because he was wearing his seatbelt.

The Castro Valley Area is here to protect and serve you. We offer a number of programs aimed at keeping you safe on the road and on the highway. We offer instructions on how to safely buckle kids in their safety seats, programs aimed at alerting new drivers to the challenges of the road and offering safety tips for driving at night, in bad weather and in high volume traffic. Below you'll find links to traffic safety programs we offer and tips to safe motoring.

Programs Benefitting and Providing Information for our Community

For further information about traffic safety presentations and programs,
please contact the Castro Valley CHP Office:

Public Information Officer
21020 Redwood Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 581-9028

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