Welcome to the California Highway Patrol San Jose Area Office

A Message From The Commander

My name is Les Bishop and I serve as the Commander of the California Highway Patrol (CHP), San Jose Area. I have been a member of the CHP for over 16 years and have worked a majority of my career in the Bay Area. Additionally, I have worked departmental assignments in the City of Los Angeles, Riverside County, and Santa Cruz County.

The San Jose Area has set ambitious goals to enhance traffic safety through dedication, sacrifice and innovative methods for the 2500 miles of freeway and unincorporated county roads the Area covers in Santa Clara County. We strive to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by motorists failing to utilize restraint systems, driving while distracted, disobeying speed laws, and driving under the influence. We accomplish these goals through community partnerships, education, and high visibility enforcement.

Captain Les Bishop

In addition to the CHP's primary responsibility of traffic enforcement and accident investigation, there are many programs in which we provide; education, services, and seminars. We also participate and/or host events in which we provide more specific information regarding safety.

Please, come and visit our office to learn more about our Department and how we can best serve you. I am proud of our organization and want to provide you the opportunity to understand why. Thank for your support of law enforcement and the San Jose Area office. Drive safely!

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