San Jose Area Office

The CHP in the San Jose Community

The California Highway Patrol is involved your community. While we work to protect and serve the people of California, we are also Californians ourselves. Our uniformed officers and non-uniformed staff work hard both on and off the job to make California a safe, healthy, prosperous place to live. Below are pictures of the CHP in action, both on and off the job, working for - and with - the people of the Bay Area.

The San Jose Area Office of the California Highway Patrol is located at:

2020 Junction Avenue
San Jose, CA
(408) 467-5400

The Every 15 Minutes program is aimed at reducing
Teen deaths and injuries on the road, by alerting them
of the dangers they can encounter while driving. Every
year, thousands of teen drivers take to the road, and
sometimes they don't return. Ensure your teenager
learns to drive with all the tools and knowledge he
or she needs to be safe. This course just might save
their life.

The CHP assists with the Special Olympics, allowing kids with needs to participate and triumph in sports and physical challenges.

Officers and Staff from the San Jose Office work up the courage to take the Polar Plunge in San Francisco Bay.

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