Office of Internal Affairs

The Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) is accountable to the Assistant Commissioner, Staff on matters of employee discipline and internal control. Utilizing the resources under its command, OIA provides information on issues affecting employee discipline; accumulates, analyzes, and distributes statistical information; provides analysis and recommendations on employee disciplinary actions and prepares appropriate documents; and supports commands on matters related to adverse actions, citizen complaints, secondary employment, ethics and employee conduct. OIA assists in the fulfillment of the mission to maintain vigilance over the Department’s commitment to professional and ethical law enforcement. Vigilance is maintained through the dissemination of sound ethical ideals and the timely investigation and appropriate resolution of alleged acts of misconduct.

The Office of Internal Affairs is the Office of Primary Interest for a variety of important programs within the Department. This office reports directly to the Assistant Commissioner Staff and is commanded by a captain who oversees three units: Analysis, Investigations and Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigations.

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