Organizational Development Section

The mission of the Organizational Development Section (ODS) is to provide progressive, high-level training to all members of the Department. This is accomplished by developing dynamic training programs that promote experiential learning, critical thinking, and communication. Training is offered to prepare employees for the positions they currently have, with a process of progression that will provide them with the skills necessary to be successful in the next step of their career ladder. OOD accomplishes these tasks, as follows:

  • Acts as an internal consultant to Executive and Top Management in assessing leadership and management needs of departmental commands.
  • Administers and coordinates All Commanders' Conferences, Assistant Chiefs' Conferences, and leadership forums.
  • Administers and coordinates specialized training; supervisory, management and command level training, staff analyst development training, clerical training, and instructor training.
  • Program oversight and control of the Department's statewide Mentoring and Coaching Program.

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