Office of Special Representative

The Office of Special Representative (OSR) is responsible for representing the Department concerning state and federal legislation that impacts the programs and operations of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). This is accomplished by serving as the Department’s representative to the California State Legislature and United States Congress, representing the Commissioner and the Department before special interest groups and other organizations interested in motor vehicle legislation or public safety issues, as well as numerous internal and external committees and task forces. OSR is committed to providing the Department exceptional representation in order to ensure effective communication with the Governor’s office, members of the legislative body, state and federal agencies, and allied law enforcement agencies.

The Special Representative advises the Commissioner and the Department on all legislative matters, making certain that departmental positions on legislation are consistent with the Commissioner’s philosophy, as well as that of the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, and the Governor’s office. Additionally, OSR assists in the handling of legislator/constituent complaints involving the Department by serving as liaison between departmental personnel and the legislative body.

OSR also puts together the annual “New Laws” Vehicle Code training, participates in the yearly Digest of Traffic Legislation presentation, updates the “List of Violations,” Annex B of the California Vehicle Code, and coordinates the Key Contact Program.

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