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Problem Oriented Policing Program

    The California Highway Patrol introduced the Problem Oriented Policing Program within the North Sacramento region in 2001. This program is a partnership between the CHP, local law enforcement, governmental agencies, and members of the community to improve the overall quality of life and safety within their neighborhoods.



    Officers are assigned to work in a designated geographic area to concentrate on specific traffic related concerns or problem areas. This philosophy allows officers to have a community partnership with local governmental agencies, schools, businesses, churches, community members, and an overall familiarity with their area. Much like the long forgotten "beat cop."


Community Partnership

    Officers are present at community meetings, Neighborhood Watches, school functions, or other community events to further promote a community partnership, trust, and a shared responsibility. This concept allows for a "round table" atmosphere and a collective analysis of issues and problem solving.


Mission Statement

The CHP Problem Oriented Policing Program (POP) is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life and traffic safety in the North Sacramento region. The POP unit will increase public awareness and service with a more proactive role and partnership in the community.