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The History of the California Highway Patrol and North Sacramento

On August 14, 1929, the California Highway Patrol was created through an act of the Legislature. The new law gave Statewide authority to the Highway Patrol to enforce traffic laws on county and State highways - a responsibility which remains in effect today, along with many additional functions undreamed of in 1929.

The primary mission of the California Highway Patrol is "the management and regulation of traffic to achieve safe, lawful, and efficient use of the highway transportation system." As a major statewide law enforcement agency, the secondary mission of the Department is to assist in emergencies exceeding local capabilities. The CHP also provides disaster and lifesaving assistance.

Based in Sacramento, the California Highway Patrol operated from a large group of buildings on what was part of the California Exposition Fair Grounds for 15 years. As the population centers and transportation routes of California developed and evolved, so too did the CHP divisions, and the need for additional offices. The Sacramento Office was divided into the North and South Sacramento Area Offices in 1969. Today, the North Sacramento Area Office is responsible for patrolling the area north of the American River in Sacramento up to Roseville, out to Folsom Lake in the east, and to the Yolo County Line to the West.

We're proud of our organization, our officers, and the job we do. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and through all 4 seasons of the year. Help us by doing your part: driving the posted speed limit, taking extra care during inclimate weather and at night, and by courteous, defensive driving.

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