Placerville Area Office

A message from the Commander...

Commander Chuck King

Hello, and thank you for visiting the Placerville Area Office pages.

The California Highway Patrol's Placerville Office opened the day the CHP began. While the cars, technology, and responsiblities of our office may have changed over the previous 8 decades, the professionalism and goals of our agency has not: Providing Safety, Service, and Security to the residents and visitors of California, to respond to emergencies, and to protect the lives and property of those traveling in California.

Placerville has been around a long time, and the history that's occured in and around this area is the primary reason California became a state in our great union - Gold. Hundreds of thousands of travelers passed through Placerville on the way to and from the gold mines, making our area one of the busiest crossroads in the state.

Today, the CHP monitors and patrols the highways and freeways that grew from the old Stagecoach roads, carrying millions every year. Sometimes the weather affects that traffic, sometimes there are forest fires, sometimes there are accidents - and the CHP is the first to respond to each of these emergencies, doing the most important job there is - keeping you safe on the road.

You can help us - by obeying the posted speed limit, by driving defensively on the road, and by keeping alert to changing weather and traffic conditions.

Thanks again for visiting - we hope we can answer any question you may have.

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