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Welcome to the Placerville CHP Area Office

Below you'll find links to programs we offer, information about events in our area, and tips to safe motoring. The CHP is committed to keeping you safe on the road, and offering assistance when it's needed.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Our mailing address is:

  P.O. Box 1417
  Placerville, CA 95667

Our physical address is:

  3031 LoHi Way
  Placerville, CA 95667
  (530) 622-1110

The CHP is here to protect and to serve you. We offer a number of programs aimed at keeping you safe on the road and on the highway. We offer instructions on how to safely buckle kids in their safety seats, programs aimed at alerting new drivers to the challenges of the road, and offering safety tips for driving at night, in bad weather, and in high volume traffic. You can help us with these goals by driving defensively and safely, by obeying the posted speed, giving enough room between you and the car ahead of you, using your blinkers, and being courteous on the road.

History of the CHP Placerville Area Office

At the inception of California Highway Patrol (CHP) in 1929 the Placerville Area was founded. The Placerville Area started with one Captain, Elwood A. Brewster, and three road officers, Tom Eisenhuth, Richard Cornelson and Burwell Reynolds.

The officers were first stationed out of the historic Placerville Superior Courthouse. During the 1930's, as staffing levels increased, the Department found a new home for the Placerville officers. The CHP obtained its first dedicated office in El Dorado County at 28 Broadway in the town of Placerville. The phone number for the office was 58.

The Placerville Area continued to serve the entirety of El Dorado County until the creation of the South Lake Tahoe Area Office. In 1964 the Placerville Office was moved to a new facility at 3031 LoHi Way which is still the location of the area office to this day.

The Placerville Area Office is currently led by Lieutenant Craig Root. Three sergeants and 35 uniformed officers are employed at the Area. The uniformed staff takes an aggressive stance in enforcing the laws on the roadways of El Dorado County. In addition to the sworn officers, the Placerville Area employs six civilian employees who are dedicated to serving El Dorado County.

We hope you find this site helpful and answers your need for information about services and resources we provide.

News and Events in Placerville

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    • 2011 CHiPs for Kids Christmas Toy Drive

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