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The California Highway Patrol

Drug Recognition Evaluator Program

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  • This is the DRE curriculum vitae, your professional DRE resume. As a DRE, you are already aware that you are required to keep an updated resume. This resume must be updated and presented at the time of your recertification. The curriculum vitae will assist you in keeping the resume updated, as well as assisting the DRE coordinators in maintaining your records.

  • The curriculum vitae is designed to be used in conjunction with the National Track System rolling log found at

  • In most cases, access is granted to the National Tracking System by your DRE State Coordinator. To find out the coordinator for your location, contact the DRE Staff Liason (

  • The curriculum vitae has been designed to include all necessary information required by the DRE State Coordinator and the IACP.

  • The information blocks provided should include enough character space for you to make your entries. The curriculum vitae is a Microsoft Word form document. A form document is a normal document with boxes and "form fields" added for your convenience. The form is initially "locked". This means you can only change information in the grey highlighted boxes. This simplifies filling out the form.

  • There may be instances when you need to make more space. To do this, locate and click the "lock" symbol in the right side of the Word task bar. This will unlock the form document. Once the form document is unlocked you may modify the form as needed.

  • You may copy and paste sections as needed. You may also copy a complete page if you need more space for information.

  • When you save your completed curriculum vitae, the "save as" file name shall be "Lastname, First Initial, DRE class MMMYY"; example: "Smith, John, Oct99"

  • On completion, attach and email Curriculum Vitae to

  • If you have any questions contact the Academy Impaired Driving Unit at (916) 376-3257.

Get the Curriculum Vitae Form here.


For questions and comments regarding the CHP DRE Program, please email


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