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The California Highway Patrol

Drug Recognition Evaluator Program

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The use of DREs is an effective means of identifying and prosecuting drug impaired individuals. DREs in police work have gained acceptance and approval throughout the United States due to their accuracy and effectiveness. With DRE training, the road patrol officer is far more likely to detect the drug impaired individual.

Since 1983, the CHP has provided training to departmental employees and allied law enforcement agencies. In 1991, the CHP entered into a contract with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which established the CHP as the statewide Drug Evaluation and Classification Program coordinator for the purpose of expanding the DRE Program to a national level. Consequently, the DRE Program was certified by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) as meeting NHTSA's standards.

As the statewide DRE Coordinator, the CHP is responsible for ensuring the standards and guidelines are being adhered to and the training is being offered statewide.

DRE Curriculum Vitae
The DRE curriculum vitae is your professional DRE resume. As a DRE, you are already aware that you are required to keep an updated resume. This resume must be updated and presented at the time of your recertification. The curriculum vitae will assist you in keeping the resume updated, as well as assisting the DRE coordinators in maintaining your records. For the Curriculum Vitae form and instructions, click here.


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