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Lessons Learned

A task force was assembled to look at the lessons learned from CHP's unprecedented mobilization and deployment of over two hundred uniformed personnel, support staff, equipment, and supplies across the nation to Louisiana to assist with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The task force?s scope included a comprehensive assessment of the Department's existing emergency response and incident management practices and identified the need of first responders to communicate using interoperable communications systems during a major incident. Coupled with the events of 9/11, interoperable communications systems have become mission critical for the coordination of multi-agency emergency response. As part of the Department's efforts to promote interoperability, as well as prepare for emergency incidents, CHP identified a need for a mobile platform. Due to a number of factors, such as special licensing and training, and issues regarding mobility and accessibility to certain locations, the Department developed a solution for a more versatile mobile platform providing similar capabilities of larger command post vehicles, while reducing the response time to emergency incidents.

The Incident Command Vehicle