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Features and Functionality

The Department equipped and integrated nine ICVs with interoperable communications equipment, satellite communications equipment, and an airborne video down-link. The ICV will perform as a mobile command, as well as provide internet access, satellite surveillance, and an integrated command and control system display.

The ICVs provide incident commanders direct communication between agencies on various radio frequencies and will facilitate quicker response, recovery, and mitigation of incidents. In the event local infrastructure is destroyed, the ICV will enable CHP to mobilize a command center and in effect, replace a CHP office, if necessary, as they are capable of providing telephone, Internet, email, and satellite television service. The vehicles also allow incident commanders to communicate via internet protocol (IP) satellite phone if telephone equipment in an area is out of service.

In addition to increased communication capabilities, the ICV is able to downlink live or recorded video via microwave link from CHP aircraft flying over disaster scenes, providing commanders a first-hand view of events, which will greatly assist in the deployment of resources.

The Technology

The ICV is a fully contained response vehicle equipped with a mobile CHP command which includes the JPS ACU-1000 Gateway system comprised of intelligent interconnects, radio over IP and voice over IP (VoIP) technology, radio/telephone interface units, switch matrices, transportable products, and noise reduction systems. These radio interconnect products facilitate communications between two-way radios (VHF low band, VHF high band, UHF, 700 MHz, and 800 MHz) and various other media such as other radios, cellular, landline telephone, and satellite communications.

The ICV is an optimal mobile environment, integrated with special application equipment:

  • Satellite Controller
  • Satellite Modem
  • Video Downlink
  • Video Monitor
  • Convergence Router
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Various Frequency Band Radios
  • Axis Video Encoder
  • Telular Gateways
  • Wireless IP Phones
  • Touch-Screen Monitor
  • Fax/Copier /Printer
  • Rack Mount Computer
  • OmniTRACS two-way satellite based mobile communications system
  • L3 TACNET system in the cockpit area