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The California Highway Patrol

CHP Features

Welcome to the California Highway Patrol's Feature Page.

As the nation's leading police agency, we take pride in the people, the training, the equipment, and the service that makes up the California Highway Patrol. The links below offer you a glimpse into who we are, what we do, and some of the tools we use to keep California safe.


On-line Magazines from the California Highway Patrol

Perspectives On Line - Take a slightly different look at the people of the CHP.

Badges - The California Highway Patrol honors those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in keeping California safe.


CHP Spotlight

The National Law Enforcement Challenge - See how the California police agencies fair against each other in competition.

The Incident Command Vehicle - California is a big state, and events can happen anywhere. See the CHP's solution for a rapid deployment on-sight command center.