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Highway Safety Corridors & Task Forces

Since 1992, CHP has received funds from the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to establish task forces comprised of representatives from city, county, regional, state, and federal government agencies, and the private sector.

The mission of each task force is to assess a high-collision highway, truck, driving under the influence, and/or pedestrian corridor, make recommendations to improve traffic safety on the identified roadway or pedestrian site, and implement, if economically feasible, those recommendations.

The first task force assessed State Route (SR) 1 in Ventura County. Other task forces have worked to improve traffic safety on the following corridors:

State Routes & Highways

State Routes
SR 1 to Kern County LineSR 118 in Ventura County
SR 1 in Los Angeles CountySR 138 in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties
SRs 12, 116, & 126, and Hwy. 101 in Sonoma County 
Hwy. 2 in Los Angeles CountyHwy. 86 in Riverside County (included HWY 86, Hwy. 86S, and SR 195)
Hwy. 17 in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara CountiesHwy. 101 (Prunedale) in Monterey County
Hwy. 29 in Napa CountyHwy. 101 in San Luis Obispo County
Hwy. 41-46 in San Luis Obispo, Kings, Kern CountiesHwys. 126 & 101 in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties
Hwy. 46 in Kern CountyHwy. 166 in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties
Hwy. 65 in Kern and Tulare Counties 



None at this time.



"Watch Out for Pedestrians" within the CHP Truckee Area, Valley Division.
South Los Angeles Pedestrian Safety Task Force in Los Angeles (LA) County
Hayward Pedestrian Safety Task Force in Alameda County
"Safe Streets Pedestrian Safety Task Force" in Los Angeles County (Santa Fe Springs)
East Los Angeles Pedestrian Task Force in Los Angeles County.


The newest task forces are addressing traffic safety issues on identified roadways described in the following material:

State Route 12 within he CHP Golden Gate and Valley Divisions
Includes segments in the CHP Solano, South Sacramento, and Stockton Areas.
      Program Operations Phase: 4/1/08 thru 3/31/09
State Routes 120/49/108 in Sonora County
      Program Operations Phase: October 1, 2008, through March 31, 2010
State Route 119 in Kern County (Between City of Taft and Interstate 5)
      Program Operations Phase: 4/1/09 thru 3/31/10
Interstate 15 in San Bernardino County (Segments of incorporated cities of Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, & Ontario; unincorporated segments of San Bernardino County)
      Program Operations Phase: 6/1/09 thru 5/31/10
State Route 49 - Grass Valley in Nevada County
      Program Operations Phase: 8/1/09 thru 7/31/10
Commercial Truck Corridor Projects
None currently.
Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Corridor Projects
  • Segments of Interstate 5 & Interstate 805 in San Diego County
          Program Operations Phase: 4/1/08 thru 3/31/09
  • State Route 1 in Monterey County
          Program Operations Phase: 8/1/08 thru 3/31/09
  • State Route 184 in Kern County
          Program Operations Phase: 12/1/08 thru 11/30/09
DUI College Corridor Projects
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
          Program Operations Phase: 4/1/07 thru 5/31/08
  • University of California, Humboldt
          Program Operations Phase: 9/1/07 thru 10/31/08
New Projects (October 1, 2008 - Conducted during college semesters)
  • Corridor 1: University/College To Be Determined
          Program Operations Phase: 4/1/09 thru 6/30/09 & 9/1/09 thru 5/31/10
  • Corridor 2: Universities/Colleges To Be Determined
          Program Operations Phase: 9/1/09 thru 6/30/10 and 9/1/10 thru 10/31/10
Pedestrian Corridor Projects
Unincorporated segments in CHP Truckee and South Sacramento Areas
     Program Operations Phase: 4/1/08 thru 7/31/09

Highway Safety Corridor Programs
Highway 12 - Drive to Stay Alive
Highway 12
Solano/San Joaquin/Sacramento Counties
Arrive Alive - Sonora CHP
State Routes 120/49/108
Tuolumne County
Drive Safety Home!
State Route 166
Santa Barbara County

Truck Safety Corridor Programs
Interstate 15 - Don't Gamble With Your Safety
Interstate 15
San Bernardino County
State Route 99 - Share and Care on 99
State Route 99
Kern County
Interstate 710 - Look Out For Each Other
Interstate 710
Los Angeles County

DUI Safety Corridor Programs
Arrive Alive - Interstate 5 & 805
Interstate5 / Interstate 805
San Diego County
Llegue Con Vida - Interstate 5 & 805
Interstate5 / Interstate 805
San Diego County
Arrive Alive - 184 DUI Safety Corridor
State Route 184
Kern County
Arrive Alive - Don't Drink and Drive!
State Route 1
Monterey County

College DUI Safety Corridor Programs
Separate the Keys from the Keg
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara County
Option B - Choose to Drive Sober
University of California, Humboldt
Humboldt County

Pedestrian Safety Corridor Programs
Watch Out For Pedestrians
State Route 28
Nevada County
Watch Out For Pedestrians
Unincorporated Roadways
Sacramento County