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The California Highway Patrol

Crash Data Collection for Commercial Motor Vehicles

Safety Starts with Crash Data

Welcome to the Commercial Vehicle Section's Truck and Bus Crash Reporting on the CHP555D, Sponsored by the California Highway Patrol in cooperation with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The CHP 555D Presentation is broken down into six sections. There is also a Case Exercise you're encouraged to review. Each portion of the Presentation is in PDF format. If you need assistance with software, you may download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here. link to upgrade Adobe Acrobat Reader

The PDF files below are large, and may take more than a minute to open.

Topic 1:
Qualifying Information

Identify reportable crashes and which commercial and non-commercial motor vehicles qualify and should be captured on the 555D and reported to FMCSA.

Topic 2:
Vehicle Information

Review the 555D sections where information is captured on the qualifying vehicles.

Topic 3:
Motor Carrier Information

Discuss what is a motor carrier, the process for identifying the proper carrier of record, and how to record the correct information on the 555D.

Topic 4:
Crash Events

Review the recording of the sequence of events in the crash for the vehicle captured on the 555D.

Vehicle Configurations and Cargo Body Types

Collision Investigation Manual Instructions

Case Exercise

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