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The California High Patrol's Purpose

The California Highway Patrol was created in 1929 to provide uniform traffic law enforcement throughout the state. Assuring the safe, convenient and efficient transportation of people and goods on our highway system is still our primary purpose.

Seven Points of the CHP Badge

CHP BadgeCharacter - The qualities of moral strength, vigor and stability

Integrity - The moral defense against corrupting influence.

Knowledge - Acquaintance with facts and laws, combined with the awareness and understanding that sustain an officer through daily duties.

Judgment - The ability to apply knowledge to the best advantage of all concerned.

Honor - Highest esteem for the principles upon which the California Highway Patrol has been built.

Loyalty - Faithfulness to the precepts of the Highway Patrol and to fellow officers.

Courtesy - Respect for law and order and for the individual

Shoulder Patch

CHP PatchThe California Highway Patrol shoulder patch was adopted in 1948 following legislation that elevated the Patrol to full department status. The patch is believed to have been designed by a then-active Traffic Officer.

Blue and gold are the official state colors. Centered in the blue field is the CHP's seven-point badge, each point representing the trait of a professional traffic law enforcement officer. The points at the top symbolize character and integrity. Those at the sides stand for knowledge and judgment. Upholding these are honor and loyalty, and sustaining all is the final tenet - courtesy.

Superimposed on the badge is the Official Great Seal of California. Keeping watch over the tableau is the armed figure of Minerva, Roman goddess of arts and sciences, wise in peace and war. According to mythology, Minerva was born full grown, springing from the brain of Jupiter, father of the gods. California, one of the few states to be granted statehood without the usual probationary period as a territory, was similarly born "full grown".

The California grizzly bear (now extinct) stands at Minerva's feet, symbol of strength and independence. The grape leaves represent agricultural production; the miner, industry; the San Francisco Bay, commerce. The Sierra Nevada, together with the desert cactus, depict geographical diversity. The official state motto, Eureka ("I Have Found It"), overshadows the entire scene.

Basic and Dress Uniforms

Basic Uniform   --   Dress Uniform

Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria

Cold Weather Uniform and Snow Suit

Cold Weather Uniform /
Cold Weather Snow Suit

Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco

Motor Uniforms

Motor Uniform  ---  Motor Uniform (Winter)

BMW 1100 RT

BMW 1100 RT

Rain Gear and Utility Uniform

Rain Gear    ---    Utility Uniform



Air Operations Uniform

Air Operations Uniform

Fixed wing aircraft

Fixed Wing Aircraft