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The California Highway Patrol

The Badge of the CHP

The Badge of the CHP was written and recorded by Mr. Cliff Bemis. The song was written to honor Officer Bruce T. Hinman, who gave his life in the line of duty on October 3, 1995. On his website, Mr. Bemis states:

“The death of my friend, CHP Officer Bruce T. Hinman in 1995, was devastating to his family and friends. And so, to remember Bruce, and to honor the officers of the CHP who work everyday protecting citizens across our state, I wrote and performed The Badge of the CHP, and have officially donated it to the California Highway Patrol.”

Today, the song is played at CHP memorial services, cadet graduations, and other special events. Mr. Bemis has personally sang at several of these events. The CHP family thanks Mr. Bemis for the gift of his time and talent in honoring the sacrifice made by CHP employees daily in the pursuit of public safety.

Badge of the CHP graphic
The Badge of the CHP courtesy of Cliff Bemis

Please, take a moment to remember. The men and women of the CHP are there for your safety. They share a bond that is felt especially strong when one of their own has fallen. While they train for taking charge in disasters, handling dire emergencies and life threatening situations, the one thing that no one is prepared for is the grief felt when a fellow officer has been struck down in the line of duty.

Visit our Fallen Heroes Memorial Page. These individuals took an oath to protect the people of California, and all gave their lives in that endeavor. While we honor these men, we also remember their families, their friends, and those whose lives they've touched.


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