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Officer Daniel Benavides
Officer Daniel Benavides
Border Division
May 7, 2010

During the morning of May 7, 2010, Officer Daniel Benavides, I.D.# 15193, was flying California Highway Patrol (CHP) AIR-63, a Cessna 206 fix winged aircraft, patrolling Imperial County. At approximately 1030 hours, for unknown reasons, Air 63 crashed into the rugged terrain near Ocotillo Wells, west of Brawley, CA. After a heroic search and rescue operation by several law enforcement agencies, the military, and United States Bureau of Land Management personnel, Officer Daniel N. Benavides was found deceased in the wreckage. Officer Benavides graduated from the CHP Academy in March of 1997 and was assigned to the Monterey Area. He worked in the San Jose Area, San Diego Area, Oceanside Area, and transferred to Border Division Air Operations in September 2005. Office Benavides is survived by his wife, Megan and daughter, Madeline; mother and step-father Consuelo and Forrest.

Officer Thomas Coleman
Officer Thomas P. Coleman
San Bernardino, CA
June 11, 2010

On Friday, June 11, 2010, at approximately 0628 hours, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Thomas Coleman, I.D.# 17338, was riding his departmentally assigned motorcycle in San Bernardino County. Officer Coleman initiated an enforcement stop on a motorist traveling northbound on Mountain View, just north of Interstate 10, for a traffic violation. When the vehicle failed to yield, a pursuit ensued. While traveling eastbound on San Bernardino Avenue, in the city of Redlands, California, Officer Coleman's motorcycle collided into the side of a tractor trailer upon entering the intersection of San Bernardino Avenue at Alabama Street (a four way intersection controlled by traffic signals). As a result of the collision, Officer Coleman sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Officer Coleman, age 33, graduated from the CHP Academy on March 14, 2003, and was assigned to the Altadena Area where he worked for approximately five years until his transfer to the San Bernardino Area. Officer Coleman is survived by his wife, Jamie; son, Ryan; daughter, Shaylen; mother and step-father, Janice and Bill; sisters, Kathleen, Jennifer and Mary; and brother, Joseph.

Officer Philip Ortiz
Officer Philip Ortiz
West Los Angeles, CA
June 22, 2010

On June 9, 2010, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Philip Ortiz, I.D.# 10428,was conducting an enforcement stop on the right shoulder of northbound I-405 (San Diego Freeway) south of National Boulevard. During the enforcement stop Officer Ortiz was struck from behind by a vehicle being driven on the right shoulder of the freeway. As a result of the collision, Officer Ortiz sustained major injuries. He succumbed to his injuries on June 22, 2010. Officer Ortiz faithfully served the people of California as a CHP officer for 28 years. He was a motor officer for over 20 years in the West Los Angeles Area. Officer Ortiz is survived by his wife, Jessica; mother and step-father, Irene and Claude, and sister, Anna.

Officer Justin McGrory
Officer Justin McGrory
Barstow, CA
June 27, 2010

On Sunday, June 27, 2010, at approximately 0338 hours, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Justin W. McGrory, I.D.# 18606, was conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle, northbound Interstate 15, south of Hodge Road in San Bernardino County, California. During the enforcement stop, an erratic driver, later arrested for driving under the influence, allowed his vehicle to veer off the roadway and strike Officer McGrory while he stood on the right side of the patrol vehicle. His partner provided medical aid to Officer McGrory, along with responding CHP officers. Officer McGrory was transported via air ambulance to St. Mary's Medical Center in Apple Valley, California, where he was pronounced deceased. Officer McGrory was a resident of Victorville, California. Officer McGrory served as a CHP officer for nearly three years. Officer McGrory is survived by his wife, Kelly; daughters, Erin and Kaci; sons, Cade and Liam; father, retired CHP Lieutenant Robert McGrory, I.D. #12556; mother, Gina; and sister, Khristin.

Officer Brett Oswald
Officer Brett Oswald
San Luis Obispo, CA
June 27, 2010

On Sunday, June 27, 2010, at approximately 0640 hours, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Brett J. Oswald, I.D. #13164, responded to a report of a collision on South River Road at Spanish Camp Road, in San Luis Obispo County, California. Officer Oswald called for a tow truck and was waiting next to his patrol vehicle when a passing vehicle crossed over the double yellow lines and struck Officer Oswald causing major injuries. Officer Oswald was transported via ambulance to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton, California, where he later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased. Officer Oswald was a resident of Atascadero, California. Officer Oswald served as a CHP officer for 20 years. Officer Oswald is survived by his wife, Marlena; mother, Linda; father, Richard; and sisters, Trinda and Trisha.

Officer Thomas Adams
Officer Thomas Adams
Garberville, CA
February 15, 2011

On February 15, 2011, California Highway Patrol Officer Thomas Adams (#19365) of the Garberville Area office was killed in a collision while traveling on U.S. 101 just south of the town of Piercy California. Officer Adams was 24 years of age. He grew up in the San Francisco area and is survived by his parents Bruce and Karen Adams, and his brother, Sean Adams. His mother, Karen, is a public safety dispatcher for the CHP who is assigned to the Humboldt Communications Center. Officer Adams was assigned to the Oakland Area office upon graduation from the Academy on January 23, 2009 and transferred to the Garberville Area office September 1, 2010.

Officer Kenyon M. Youngstrom
Officer Kenyon M. Youngstrom
Contra Costa, CA
September 5, 2012

On the morning of September 4, 2012, California Highway Patrol Officer Kenyon Youngstrom, #18063, was working patrol in the Contra Costa Area, southbound I-680, just south of Livorna Road. His beat partner, Officer Tyler Carlton, #19662, radioed to Officer Youngstrom and requested assistance with stopping a Jeep approaching his location. Officer Youngstrom flagged the Jeep to the right shoulder, and it came to a stop behind his patrol vehicle. Officer Youngstrom approached the vehicle to make contact with the driver. Simultaneously, Officer Carlton parked his patrol vehicle directly to the rear of the Jeep. As Officer Youngstrom made contact with the driver of the Jeep, the driver opened fire, striking Officer Youngstrom.

Officer Carlton observed this action and immediately fired upon the driver of the Jeep, mortally wounding him. Officer Youngstrom succumbed to his injuries on September 5, 2012, at 6:05 p.m.

Officer Youngstrom is survived by his wife, Karen; sons, Alex and Andrew; daughters, Madison and Kennedy; parents, Jill and Guy; Brothers, Cameron, Clinton, Brandon, Tyson and sister, Amber.

Officer Youngstrom was 37 years old, and a member of the patrol for seven years.

Officer Juan J. Gonzalez

Officer Brian Law

Fresno - February 17, 2014

On Monday, February 17, 2014, at approximately 6:08 a.m., California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers Brian M. Law, ID 18896, and Juan J. Gonzalez, ID 18935, were responding to a call of a traffic collision that was reported northbound on State Route 99 near Sierra Avenue. The traffic collision involved a vehicle facing the wrong direction in the #1 lane, without any lights illuminated. While responding southbound on State Route 99, Officers Law and Gonzalez suddenly encountered the reported traffic collision directly ahead of them, as well as one of the involved drivers standing in the traffic lane. Officer Gonzalez immediately took evasive action in an attempt to avoid a collision but ultimately lost control of the patrol vehicle, resulting in a traffic collision. As a result of the traffic collision, Officers Law and Gonzalez sustained fatal injuries.

Officer Law was born on July 2, 1979, and was a six-year veteran of the CHP. He is survived by his wife, Rebecca; his son, Brandon; his daughter, Samantha; his stepdaughter, Lauren; his mother, Judy; his father, Dennis; and his sister, Carol. Prior to joining the CHP, Officer Law served with the United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force Reserves.

Officer Gonzalez was born February 10, 1981, and was a six-year veteran of the CHP. He is survived by his father, Juan; his mother, Lourdes; his brother, George; his sister, Sandra; and his long-time girlfriend, Ana. Prior to joining the CHP, Officer Gonzalez attended California State University, Fresno, where he majored in Criminology and also interned with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department.


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