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15-10: CHP Recognizes Public Safety Communications Professionals

15-09: #1 Killer of Teens is 100% Preventable

15-08: Traffic Safety Partners Make Plea to Motorists: 'Silence the Distraction'

15-06: Don't Push Your Luck Behind the Wheel

15-05: Drive Alert, Arrive Alive

15-04: The CHP is Looking for You!

15-01: Be a Team Player and Designate a Sober Driver Super Bowl Sunday

14-57: CHP Highlights New Laws Affecting Motorists

14-56: Cheer the New Year, Just Do It Responsibly

14-55: CHP Asks For a DUI and Fatality Free Holiday Season

14-54: CHP Reminds Motorists to Stay Alert of Highway Conditions During Thanksgiving Holiday

14-53: CHP Encourages Seniors to “Live Life to its Fullest”

14-52: CHP's 9-1-1 Call Centers Receive National Accreditation

14-51: The CHP is Thankful For Safe Travels During the Thanksgiving Maximum Enforcement Period

14-50: “Have a Good Ride” Grant Kicks Off to Help Reduce Motorcycle Collisions in California

14-49: CHP Secures Grant to Encourage Seat Belt Safety

14-48: Federal Grant Supports CHP Efforts to Improve Pedestrian & Bicyclist Safety

14-47: Federal Grant to Help CHP Curb Impaired Driving

14-46: CHP to Combat Aggressive Driving

14-45: Age Well, Drive Smart Classes Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence

14-44: Drowsy and Driving Don't Mix

14-43: Distracted Driving: Is It Worth It?

14-42: CHP Takes Highest Honors in Annual National Law Enforcement Challenge

14-41: CHP “Shifts Gears” With New, Revised Teen Driver Program

14-40: Teen Drivers to Get Life Saving Lesson with Traffic Safety Program

14-39: CHP Encourages Responsibility Among State's Youth

14-38: Teen Driver Safety Week

14-37: School Bus Safety is a Group Effort

14-33: Truck Drivers are an Important Cog in the Wheel of Transportation

14-32: With Small Passengers Come Big Responsibilities

14-30: Law Requires Motorists to give Bicyclists 3 feet for Safety

14-29: CHP ‘Labors’ During the Holiday to Keep Motorists Safe

The Pink Dot Plate is now the Donate Life Plate

14-28: CHP Seeks Public Safety Communications Accreditation

14-24: Declare Your Independence Responsibly this 4th of July

14-23: Fewer Vehicles Reported Stolen in California in 2013

14-22: 'Keep Your Cool' with Summer Travel Safety Tips

Caltrans Launches 'Be Alert' Campaign

14-21: CHP Looks for Officer Candidates During 4-day Application Period

14-19: CHP Shifts Into High Gear to Keep Everyone Safe for Memorial Day

14-18: CHP Recognized for its School Bus Safety Efforts

14-15: Be a 'Roll Model' During Bicycle Safety Awareness Month

14-14: May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

14-13: Teaming Up to Stop the Number One Killer of Teens

14-12: CHP Honors Public Safety Communications Professionals

14-11: CHP Senior Driving Class Aims to Keep Everyone Safe

14-10: Work Zone Awareness Week

2014 Safety for Teens: CHP, Impact Teen Drivers Join to Combat Distracted Driving,
Change Driving Culture

2014-Safety: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

14-09: Avoid a DUI This St. Patrick's Day

14-06: Stay Alert, Stay Alive: National Sleep Awareness Week

14-05: CHP Wants Motorists Not to Text and Drive

14-03: CHP Urges Motorists to Play it Safe on Game Day

14-02: CHP Strives to Keep Teen Drivers Safe on the Road

14-01: CHP Observes National AMBER Alert Awareness Day

13-51: CHP Reminds Revelers to Safely Ring in the New Year

13-50a: CHP Highlights New Laws Affecting Motorists

13-50: CHP Secures Seat Belt Grant to Help Save Lives

13-49: 'Tis the Season for Traffic Safety

13-48: Grant Helps CHP Reduce DUI Collisions, Save Lives

13-47: Thanksgiving Weekend Challenge Saves Lives

13-46: Empowering Senior Drivers Through Education

13-45: CHP Joins Law Enforcement Around the Country for Lifesaving Challenges during the Holiday

13-43: CHP: Buckle Up California - Every Trip, Every Time

13-42: California Highway Patrol Academy Receives Accreditation

13-41: CHP Reinforces the 'Share the Road' Concept to Help Reduce Motorcycle Collisions in California

13-40: CHP Takes Action to Fight Collisions Caused by Speed and Aggressive Driving

13-39: Drowsy Driving Puts Drivers in Danger

13-37: Local Heroes Honored for Saving CHP Employee's Life

Pink Dot Plate: Reserve Your Pink Dot Plate at

13-36: CHP to Raise Awareness During "Red Ribbon Week"

13-35: CHP Takes Top Honors in Annual National Law Enforcement Challenge

13-34: School Bus Safety Week - October 21-25

13-33: Teen Driver Safety Week

13-32: CHP Officers Honored for Heroic, Lifesaving Efforts

13-31: Governor to Honor CHP Officer for Bravery

13-30: CHP Offers a 'Truckload' of Appreciation This Week

13-29: Boost Your Child's Chance of Surviving a Collision

13-28: CHP: Never Put the Brakes on Safety

13-27: CHP Seeks Officer Candidates During Three-Day Application Period

13-26: CHP Joins I-10 Challenge to Save Lives

13-25: CHP Closes Out the Summer with an Anti-DUI Campaign

13-24: CHP Seeks Reaccreditation

13-23: Californians Rise to the Challenge to Save Lives!

13-22: CHP participates in Nationwide I-80 Challenge to Save Lives During Summertime Travel

13-21: CHP: Have a Safe and Responsible Fourth of July Holiday

13-19: 'Sweat the Small Stuff' with Summer Road Safety

13-17: 57,000 Distracted Driving Month Tickets in April - Cell Phone Usage Rate Down

13-16 - CHP Out in Full Force for Memorial Day Weekend, With One Goal: To Save Lives

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month - Safety Agencies Stress "Share the Road"

13-13: CHP Issues Statement Following the Tragic Boston Marathon Bombing

13-12: CHP Recognizes Employees on the Receiving end of Millions of Calls for Help Annually

13-10: CHP Senior Driving Class Aims to Keep Everyone Safe

13-09: Bay Area CHP Officer Awarded 'Trooper of the Year' for Heroic Acts

13-08: It Takes More Than Luck to Avoid a DUI

13-07: CHP Officers' Heroism Recognized at a Ceremony in Washington, DC

13-05: No One Wins When it Comes to DUI

13-04: You Only Live Once. It's Not Worth It!

13-02: CHP Commemorates National AMBER Alert Awareness Day

13-01: CHP Encourages Teens to 'Start Smart' and Stay Safe

12-43 - Best New Year's Resolution: Designate a Sober Driver

12-42 - CHP: Secure Yourself Every Trip, Every Time

12-41 - CHP Readies for its Annual Holiday Enforcement Effort

12-40 - Motorists Prepare for Change with New Laws

12-39 - Federal Grant Supports CHP Efforts to Curb Impaired Driving in California

12-38 - CHP to Accept New Officer Applications

12-37 - The CHP is Serving Up Maximum Enforcement for Thanksgiving

12-36 - CHP: Motorcycle Awareness is a Group Effort

12-35 - Drowsy Driving Puts Everyone at Risk

12-34 - CHP Receives Speed Enforcement Grant

12-33 - CHP Assistant Commissioner Receives Trailblazer Award

12-32 - Motorcycle Safety is a Two-Way Street

12-31 - The CHP Celebrates National School Bus Safety

12-30 - CHP Urges a Drug-Free Lifestyle in Observing Red Ribbon Week

12-29 - Operation Safe Driver Targets Unsafe, Aggressive Drivers

12-28 - CHP: Teen Drivers at Greatest Risk for a Collision

12-27 - Driving Down Vehicle Theft in California

12-26 - CHP’s Commercial Program Garners Top Honors

12-25 - CHP Cadets Give Back to the Community

12-24 - CHP Honor Commercial Drivers

12-23 - Help Secure a Child's Future with a Seat Belt

12-20 - Commissioner's Statement Following Tragic Death of CHP Officer

12-19 - CHP Urges Safe Driving Over Labor Day Weekend

12-17 - CHP: Put a Plan in Place to Prevent Heat-Related Death

12-16 - California's AMBER Alert Program: A Decade of Success

12-14 - CHP Officer Alive thanks to his Partner and a Team of Unlikely Heroes

12-13 - CHP: Stay Safe on the Road this Independence Day

12-11 - Memorial Day is a Maximum Enforcement Period for the CHP

12-09 - The CHP Reminds All Motorists the Importance of Sharing the Road

12-08 - CHP Honors Its Communications Operators

12-07 - "Zombie" Drivers Endanger Other Motorists

12-06 - Don't Get Stuck in a Pinch, Always Designate a Non-Drinking Driver

12-05 - California Motorists Urged to Share the Road

12-04 - Saving and Securing Lives, One Seat Belt at a Time

12-03 - CHP Teaches Mobility Independence

12-02 - Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with Safe and Sober Driving

12-01 - CHP Truck Inspection Discovers Contaminated Tissue Holders

11-40 - State's Motorists to Ring in the New Year with New Laws

11-39 - Safe Travels Top the CHP's Wish List this Holiday Season

11-38 - Slowing Down the Problem of Speed on the State's Roads

11-37 - Drive Now, Text L8R

11-36 - CHP Helps Teens get a Jump Start on Good Driving Habits

11-35 - CHP 'Thankful' for Safe Drivers this Thanksgiving Holiday

11-34 - 'CLICK IT OR TICKET,' It's that Simple, and Saves Lives

11-33 - Grant Helps Fund DUI Prevention in California

11-31 - DUI Enforcement is Border-to-Border

11-32 - CHP to Raise Awareness During Red Ribbon Week

11-30 - CHP Encourages Teens to Get Behind Safety, Before Getting Behind the Wheel

11-28 - CHP's Motorcycle Safety Awareness Grant Enjoys a Successful Ride in California

11-27 - Wearing Seat Belts Saves Lives

11-25 - Kaitlyn's Law, Purple Ribbon Month

11-23 - CHP Encouraging a Safe and Sane 4th of July Celebration for Motorists

11-22 - Keep Your Cool During the HOT Driving Months

11-17 - A Reminder to Drivers and Riders to Share the Road

11-15 - A Statewide "THANK YOU" to School Bus Drivers

11-14 - CHP Honors Public Safety Telecommunicators

11-13 - There's Safety in Education for State's Senior Drivers

11-12 - Sobering Reality: DUI Destroys Hundreds of Lives Annually

11-11 - Law Enforcement Focuses on Eliminating Distracted Driving

11-10 - Law Enforcement Launches Statewide Effort to Crack Down on Distracted Driving

11-09 - CHP Planning Statewide Enhanced Speed Enforcement

11-08 - Common Roads, Common Sense

11-07 - CHP Secures Seat Belt Grant to Help Save Lives

11-06 - California Highway Patrol Cadets Give Back to the Community

11-05 - DUI Enforcement is Border-to-Border

11-04 - CHP Helps New Teen Drivers to Get a 'Smart Start'

2011/03/08 - Partners Team to Stop the Number One Killer of Teens

11-03 - Teen Distracted Driving: Nothing to 'LOL' About

11-02 - CHP Cadets Pay Tribute with Run to Officer Memorial

11-01 - CHP Recognizes National AMBER Alert Awareness Day

10-41 - 'Tis the Season for Safe, Holiday Travel

10-40 - Motorists to Ring in New Year with New Laws

10-39 - CHP Serves Up Hundreds of Outstanding DUI Warrants

10-37 - CHP Dishes Out a Thanksgiving Holiday Crackdown

10-35 - CHP Mourns the Death of an Academy Cadet

10-34 - Citrus Heights Man Arrested in Computer Hacking Scheme

10-32 - CHP Stateide DUI Enforcement Campaign Nets Thousands

10-31 - CHP Saving Lives Through Awareness and Enforcement

10-30 - Child Passenger Safety Week

10-29 - Statement of CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow Following the Penalty Decision in the
Officer Scott Russell Murder Case

10-28 - California Law Enforcement Agencies Honored for Excellence

10-27 - California Puts the Brakes on Vehicle Theft    -    2009 Vehicle Theft Stats

10-26 - CHP prepares to launch statewide DUI Crackdown

10-25 - Statement of CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow Following the Verdict in the
Officer Scott Russell Murder Case

10-24 - Statement of CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow Following Guilty Plea in the
Officer Earl Scott Murder Case

10-23 - Don't Forget The Kids In The Car!

10-22 - CHP Vies For National Accreditation

10-21 - CHP Wins The "Best Dressed" Uniform Award

10-19 - Cell Phone Law Rings in Two-Year Anniversary

10-18 - CHP Grieves Recent Loss of Five Officers

10-17 - The CHP Urges a Safe and Sober 4th of July Holiday

10-16 - CHP Launches Mobile App for Real-Time Traffic Conditions

10-15 - Fewer Deaths on California Roads during 3-Day Holiday

10-14 - CHP to be Out in Force During Memorial Day Weekend

10-13 - CHP Officer Killed In The Line Of Duty

10-11 - Save a Life, Look Twice for Motorcyclists

10-09 - Hail Your School Bus Driver on "School Bus Driver Day"

10-08 - Investment in Public Safety Pays Off

3/22/10 - California Teen Safe Driving Week

10-06 - CHP Pays Tribute To Communications Operators

10-04 - CHP To Lead DUI Enforcement Sweep Throughout State

10-03 - Grant Funds Used to Expedite Collision Reporting

10-01 - California Highway Patrol Cadets Give Back to the Community

09-42 - Look Twice, Save a Life Motorcycle Grant Strives to Save Lives

09-44 - The New Year Brings New Laws

09-35 - CHP Speed Enforcement Effort Receives Support

09-45 - Five New CHP Canines Graduate

09-43 - CHP Readies Holiday Enforcement Campaign

09-40 - CHP Preparing For A Safe Holiday Travel Season

09-37 - CHP Says Buckle Up For Safety

09-36 - Grant Helps CHP Remove Thousands of Impaired Drivers From Road

09-34 - CHP Employs Grant to Remove Impaired Drivers From the Road

09-32 - More Motorcyclists Trained, Thanks to Grant

09-31 - California Law Enforcement Agencies Honored for Excellence

10/18/09 - Impact Teen Drivers Program Aims to Save Teen Lives


CTA Recommend Driver Safety This Labor Day Weekend

09-27a - Save the Excuses - Designate a Driver

09-26 - Labor Day weekend is a Maximum Enforcement Period for the CHP

09-23 - CHP To Focus On Seatbelt Violators

09-22 - CHP Warns Motorists Not To Leave Kids Alone In Cars

09-20 - Law Enforcement 'Applies The Brakes' To Auto Thieves

09-19 - Independence Day is a Maximum Enforcement Period

09-18 - Grant Dollars Make Sense for Speed Enforcement

09-17 - Buckle Up or be prepared to pay up, CHP out in force

09-16 - No Belt No Brains Program Targets Youth Seat Belt Compliance

09-10 - CHEATERS 5-Year Anniversary

09-09 - CHP Issues Statewide Seatbelt Alert

09-08 - Motorcycle Collisions on the Rise in California

09-07 - A Green Light For Designated Drivers - Not Just On St. Patrick's Day

09-06 - California Prepares for a Senior Surge on the Road

09-04 - Super Bowl - Drinking and Driving: Not Super

09-02 - Children Saved by Amber Alerts

08-55 - CHP Offers Winter Weather Driving Tips

08-54 - Fewer Traffice Deaths Reported over Thanksgiving Weekend

08-50 - 145 New CHP Officers to be Sworn In

08-48 - Summit Focuses on Safe Mobility for Seniors

08-40 - CHP Reminds Motorists to Secure Precious Cargo

Baled Hay and Straw Cargo Securement Practices

08-44 - 6th Annual California Law Enforcement Challenge Awards Presented

08-41 - California Roadways Have Never Been Safer

08-39 - 60th Anniversary of the CHP Maximum Enforcement Period

08-29 - Vehicle Theft in California on the Decline - Again!

08-31 - CHP Anti-DUI Efforts Paying Off

08-26 - AMBER Alerts Just a Cell Phone Away

08-28 - Street Name Changed to Honor Slain CHP Officer

08-22 - CHP, Families Honor Fallen Officers

08-21 - CHP, Kids Connect Through Reading

08-20 - Motorcycle Safety Awareness - Safety is a Two-Way Street

08-11 - Children's Book Drive Kicks Off on César E. Chávez Day

08-08 - It's No Blarney: Green Beer and Driving Don't Mix

08-07 - The CHP Reminds Motorists not to Drink and Drive

08-06 - The CHP Receives Federal Grant to Fight DUI

08-05 - CHP Obtains Funding for Additional Traffic Enforcement

08-02 - The CHP Offers Safe Driving Tips for Winter

07-71 - Maximum Enforcement Period During the New Year's Holiday Announced

07-69 - New Grant for the "Every 15 Minutes" Program

07-67 - CHP Statewide DUI Enforcement Program

07-66 - New Year Ushers In New rules for the Road

07-65 - Governor to Honor 9 CHP Officers for Bravery

07-56 - 2nd Annual Senior Safe Mobility Week

07-53 - Motorists Set New Record for Wearing Seatbelts

07-48 - Impact: California High School Seat Belt Challenge

07-45 - CHP Bait Cars Star in New Television Show

07-43d - Amber Alert's 5th Anniversary - 100% Success Rate!

07-33 - California Welcomes 131 New Highway Patrol Officers

07-30 - Anti-DUI Campaigns Help Save 323 Lives

07-29 - Traffic agencies beefed up over Memorial Day weekend

07-28 - Give the whales a break

07-26 - Let's Look Out For One Another

07-21 - CHP to honor officers killed in line of duty

07-19 - 136 new officers take the oath

07-18 - 136 new officers to be sworn in

07-16 - Fewer Lives Lost On California roads in 2006

07-15 - Increased Enforcement Plus Education Equals Lives Saved

07-11 - CHP Announces New Anti-DUI Grant

07-10 - CHP Enhances its Disaster Response Abilities

07-06 - Teen Safety Belt Use On The Rise

07-05 - Workers Compensation Investigation

07-03 - National Amber Alert Day

07-02 - CHP Crackdown Saves Lives During Holidays

07-01 - Older Californian Traffic Safety (OCTS)

06-58 - Traffic Deaths Down Thanksgiving Weekend

06-57 - 69 New CHP Officers To Be Sworn In

06-56 - CHP Offers Winter Driving Safety Advice

06-37 - Roadways Safer During July 4th Holiday

06-36 - CHP Summer of Heat

06-09 - CHP Partners with Shriners Hospitals

06-05 - Fictitious Email - Media Advisory

06-01 - CHP Recognizes Broadcasters' Support For Amber Alert Success

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