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The California Highway Patrol

   Proposed Regulations

The California Highway Patrol is authorized by the California Vehicle Code to adopt and enforce such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the duties of the department. These rules and regulations are subject to the procedures contained in the California Government Code and as specified by the California Office of Administrative Law. Regulations adopted by the department are contained in Title 13, California Code of Regulations.

Questions regarding existing regulations adopted by the department may be addressed to the Office of Community Outreach and Media Relations or Commercial Vehicle Section.

Any interested person may submit written comments on proposed regulatory actions via any of the following means:

All comments should be directed to the attention of the contact person or persons listed for each regulatory action, and should include the "CHP-R" number of the regulatory proposal. The Department regrets that verbal comments via telephone cannot be accepted.

Persons who furnish written comments on proposed regulatory actions may request that a copy of the final statement of reasons be provided to them when the proposed action is completed.

Proposals currently under consideration:

Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action

Title 13, California Code of Regulations
Division 2, Chapter 6
Amend Article 1, Sections 1150-1153

See Newly Adopted Regulations

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