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The California Highway Patrol

CHP Commissioner

The Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol is responsible for one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the nation. With more than 12,000 employees and 100 offices, the CHP is responsible for more than just patroling the more than 1 million miles of road, it also serves in protecting California citizens and visitors against terrorism and computer theft, and is responsible for emergency response, anywhere in the state. By land, sea, and air, the CHP is there to serve and protect.

Commissioner Joseph A. Farrow was appointed CHP Commissioner in February 2008 by Governor Schwarzenegger, commanding 7,600 uniformed and 3,600 non-uniformed personnel. He has served with the CHP since 1979, and has been stationed at many locations all over the state. Commissioner Farrow's law enforcement career began in Pacific Grove, California.

The following three offices report to the Commissioner directly:

The Deputy Commissioner also reports to the Commissioner, and oversees three offices as well.

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