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Campaign Against Marijuana Planting


    The Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) Program is a multi-agency task force composed of local, state, and federal resources organized for the express purpose of discouraging and diminishing marijuana cultivation and trafficking in California. Moreover, CAMP promotes public information and education efforts to inform citizens on problems associated with marijuana cultivation. The Department has participated in the CAMP Program since its inception in 1983. Departmental officers have acted as the Helitak Manager, Regional Operations Commanders (ROC), Assistant Regional Operations Commanders (AROC), CAMP Reconnaissance and Arrest Team (C-RAT) members, and Eradication Team members. During the 1995 CAMP season, departmental personnel participated in 225 raids in nine counties and eradicated approximately 74,769 marijuana plants, made 60 arrests, and confiscated 16 firearms.