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The California Highway Patrol

Programs, Task Forces, and Other Enforcement Activities

Welcome to CHP Programs and Task Force

Our motto is "Safety, Service, and Security." Read about how we provide those features to Californians here - through active programs, task forces, community outreach, and communication. We take a pro-active stance against crime, trying not only to protect our public, but by showing the public how to protect themselves. We promote safe driving for all ages, we have programs designed to teach kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and we provide support to victims of crimes. Help us keep our roads and highways safe. Do your part by driving safely, and reminding others of their responsibilities on the road. Volunteer for one of our Community Outreach programs. Or be a mentor for young adult. California's safety is everyone's responsibility.

CHP Active Programs and Task Forces

  • 1-800-TELL-CHP Designed to give the Public a way to contact the CHP for information and non-emergency purposes.

  • Abandoned Vehicle Abatement The program provides guidance to counties in managing abandoned cars and commercial vehicles.

  • CALEA Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies

  • California Law Enforcement Challenge (CLEC) The California Law Enforcement Challenge is a competition between similar sizes and types of law enforcement agencies for the best traffic safety programs in California.

  • California Motorcyclist Safety Motorcycle safety tips for motorcyclists - AND car drivers

  • Certified Business Advocate Program Certified Business Advocate (CBA) implements the CHP and ensures legislatively mandated goals for conducting business with California certified businesses are met by developing strategic marketing and outreach activities to both statewide and local/regional suppliers eligible to conduct business with CHP.

  • Collision Investigation Unit Working with both local law enforcement and independently, the Collision Investigation Unit works on categorizing and recording collisions statewide.

  • Commercial Industry Education Program Educating commercial operators in traffic safety, drug and alcohol and alcohol avoidance, and keeping operators current in traffic laws.

  • Commercial Vehicle Section The Commercial Vehicle Section, documents and information.

  • Community Assistance Working with the local law enforcement, the CHP bolsters the presence of uniformed officers as needed.

  • Computer Crimes Investigation Unit This team looks into computer fraud and misuse of state property.

  • Crime Incident Reporting System Instituted to coordinate the collection of crime incident reports.

  • Crime Prevention Program Administers state programs related to the protection of life and specified state property.

  • Drug Recognition Expert DRE, ARIDE, and SFST training provided by the CHP has helped not only keep California highways safer, but we train individuals from other states and countries as well.

  • Every 15 Minutes A 2-day program focusing on High School kids, challenging them to think about the consequences of drinking, driving, personal safety, and taking the responsibility of their decisions.

  • Federal/State Asset Forfeiture Program The Department participates in the Federal Asset Forfeiture Program, by providing an officer to the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who is cross sworn as a DEA/CHP agent.

  • Impaired Driver Enforcement Programs The CHP has worked to enforce safe driving in California, and the techniques we use have been adopted by other forces all over the world.

  • Impaired Driving Unit DRE, ARIDE, and SFST training provided by the CHP has helped not only keep California highways safer, but we train individuals from other states and countries as well.

  • I-SWITRS Internet Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System.

  • El Protector One of the CHP's Community Outreach programs, we try to emphasize on educating through dialogue with the Hispanic Community, instead of focusing on enforcement measures.

  • Farm Labor Vehicle Program In response to a Farm Labor Vehicle(FLV) tragedy, safety requirements have been introduced to try to minimize loss of life in similar circumstances.

  • Force Option Training Simulator The use of force policy is adopted by the CHP is under constant scrutiny, and training for different conditions is a must.

  • Freeway Service Patrol The Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) is a joint program provided by Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the local transportation agency whose goal is to expeditiously remove disabled/stranded vehicles from the freeway.

  • Mexico Liaison Working closely with Mexican authorities, the CHP attempts to recover stolen US vehicles in Mexico, identify vehicle thieves that have fled to Mexico, and to provide assistance to both Mexican and US authorities.

  • Multi-Agency Vehicle Task Forces The CHP acts as a central focus when vehicle theft rings are uncovered that cross multiple jurisdictions, often working with other state police agencies as well.

  • Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Teams (MAIT) The MAIT Program provides CHP with the means to conduct in-depth investigations and analyses of major traffic collisions throughout the state.

  • SACCATS The Sacramento County Auto Theft Suppression Task Force started in 1989, focusing on vehicle theft in the greater Sacramento area.

  • Rotation Tow Program The CHP developed the Rotation Tow Program to ensure safe and efficient removal of vehicles involved in collisions, as well as to provide a convenience to the motoring public.

  • School Bus Program Our School Bus Program is designed to ensure maximum safety when school pupils or farm workers are transported on California streets and highways.

  • SWITRS Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System

  • Tax Seizure Program The Tax Seizure program had been instituted by the California State Police. When CHP and the State Police merged in 1995, the program continued - and the CHP continues to work with the Franchise Tax Board, the Board of Equalization, and the Employment Development Department.

  • Vehicle Theft Training and Awareness Programs These programs help educate the public on what they can do to avoid vehicle theft and personal injury. Effectiveness is monitored with the Vehicle Theft Information System.

  • Workers' Comp and Disability Retirement Fraud Reporting You can anonymously report those who commit fraud against the Workers' Compensation and Disability Retirement System here.

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