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The California Highway Patrol

Statewide Vehicle Theft Advisory Committee (SVTAC)     

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Statewide Vehicle Theft Advisory Committee is to provide leadership and assistance to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, court, and members of private industry in their individual and collective efforts to reduce vehicle theft, improve vehicle theft prevention, and increase public awareness of the significant vehicle theft problem within the State of California."


As the statewide vehicle theft coordinator, the Department embraces its leadership role to reduce vehicle theft, which is a significant economic drain on the people and law enforcement resources in California.

Historically, SVTAC has served as a conduit for leaders from law enforcement and private industry to meet and round table issues pertaining to vehicle theft. SVTAC is designed to be a dynamic group comprised of those with authority within their agencies and industry to implement reform. After discussing problems, the committee is charged with identifying solutions and acting upon them.

Four subcommittees, (Legislative, Media Relations/Public Awareness, Information and Technology and Law Enforcement), have been created within SVTAC. These subcommittees meet periodically to address issues raised by the main committee which are specific to the subcommittees' expertise. The subcommittee chairs then present any recommendations made at the main SVTAC meetings. The combined effort of government and private industry can be a powerful tool in combating auto theft and SVTAC continues to be a significant part of the California Highway Patrol's effort in this regard.

SVTAC Updates

What's New at SVTAC Committee Meeting Minutes
  • Committee Meeting: November 13, 2007
  • Subcommittee Meetings - October 30th, 2007:

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