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The California Highway Patrol

Public Forms

Complaints and Suggestions

Form 240B/D  Citizen's Complaint Procedures
Form 414   Community Services Survey

Commercial Vehicles

CHP 108   Truck and/or Tractor Safety & Maintenance Inspection (4 pages)
CHP 108A   Bus Maintenance & Safety Inspection - (Bus operator use) (4 pages)
CHP 279   Request for Owner's Responsibility
CHP 294D   Youth Bus, Pupil Activity Bus (PAB), or General Public Paratransit Vehicle (GPPV) Inspection Application
CHP 361D   How to Obtain a Fleet Owner Inspection and Maintenance Station License - General Information
CHP 361L   License Renewal Notice - Fleet Owner Inspection and Maintenance Station License - Form Instructions
CHP 361N   Application for Fleet Owner Inspection and Maintenance Station License
CHP 362   Motor Carrier Profile (4 pages)
CHP 365   Application for Terminal Inspection
CHP 365G   Biennial Inspection of Terminals (BIT) Program General Information and Application Instructions
CHP 800A   Small Buses
CHP 800D   Terminal Manager's Compliance Checklist (for Carrier use)
CHP 800E   Motor Carrier of Property Permit Information
CHP 800F   Controlled Substances and Alcohol Testing Compliance Checklist (for Carrier use)
CHP 800J   What is CSAT? - Controlled Substances and Alcohol Testing - General Information
CHP 800H   What is BIT? - The Biennial Inspection of Terminals
CHP 809   Motor Carrier of Property Certificate of Compliance

Traffic Accident / Incident - Release of Information

Form 190 (English)   Application for Release of Information
Form 190   Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions
Form 190 (Español)   Solicitud para Obtener Informacion (Instrucciones y Preguntas que se Hacen Con mas Frequencia)


CHP 888   Motorcycle & Bicycle Requirements


CHP 446F   Cadet Arrest and Citation Questionnaire
STD 678   Examination and/or Employment application
SPB 1093   Veteran Points application
Cadet Bulletin   Employment Bulletin - CHP Cadet
Cadet Study Guide  Cadet Study Guide
PSD II Study Guide Public Safety Dispatcher II Study Guide

School Buses

CHP 296   Application for School Bus Contractor's License
CHP 296a   How to Obtain or Renew a School Bus Contractor's License

Hazardous Materials Transport

CHP 800C   Trucks Transporting Hazardous Materials - General Information
CHP 361E   How to Obtain A Hazardous Materials Transportation License - Form Instructions (2 Pages)
CHP 361G   License Renewal Notice - Hazardous Materials Transportation License - Form Instructions (2 pages)
CHP 361M   Application for Hazardous Materials Transportation License (2 pages)
CHP 340   Advanced Notification - Commercially Produced Spent Nuclear Fuel
CHP 340A   Advanced Notification - Rocket Fuel Shipment
CHP 344   Hazardous Materials Transportation Basic Incident Safety Procedures
CHP 148A   Inspection Record - Explosives Transportation (for Carrier use)
CHP 148B   Inspection Record - Inhalation Hazards Transportation (for Carrier use)
HPH 84.3   Explosive Materials Shipments: Routes, Safe Stopping Places, and Safe Parking Places
HPH 84.5   Inhalation Hazard Shipments: Routes and Stopping Places

Authorized Emergency Vehicles

CHP 310B   Authorized Emergency Vehicle Inspection Checklist for Self-Certification of Vehicle Compliance (Form 310B) - 8 pages (size: 125K)
CHP 810   Authorized Emergency Vehicle Excerpts (Form 810) - 28 pages (size:84K)

Authorized Emergency Vehicles

CHP 187A   Pursuit Report Form

State Capitol Permits

Capitol Permit System   Permit Application System for Capitol
Non-Capitol Permit Application   Permit Application for all other State Property

Crime / Incident Reporting

STD 99   Report of Crime / Incident on State Property
Missing / Lost Property

Agency Gift Disclosures

The California Highway Patrol is a statewide law enforcement organization. It is led by the Commissioner, Assisted by the Deputy Commissioner. The organization is divided into two major operations: Staff and Field. Each is led by an Assistant Commissioner.