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The California Highway Patrol

In Their Own Words

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In Their Own Words

The following links lead to the responses many uniformed personnel gave to the same eight questions. Simply click on a name and it will lead you to the questions and answers. It is hoped that the reader will gain some insight into why current officers chose a career at the CHP and some of the obstacles they overcame. You might be surprised at some of the answers.

More importantly, after reading the answers, you should begin to realize that the California Highway Patrol is made up of a huge variety of people from different backgrounds and circumstances. If it is your desire to become a CHP officer, learn from their comments and advice.

We will be rotating different personnel in and out on a regular basis, so if you read a response that is particularly meaningful to you, print it out and use it as motivation.

"My greatest obstacle was that I felt I had to prove myself daily..."

Originally from Redding, Segeant Angulo talks about the different jobs she had growing up, and what ultimately led her to applying to the CHP.

Read about Sergeant Shawn Angulo's varied background.

"At the age of 15, I became a police explorer for the city of Anaheim..."

Read how this strong-willed woman believed in her instincts and conquered the wall.

Officer Elizabeth Arbogast was involved with law enforcement at an early age.

"When I started the application process, I was in the U.S. Army..."

From playing "CHiPs" as kids to having a friend in the CHP to looking for a career after being in the US Army, Officer Nathan Baer remembers his path leading to the CHP.

Officer Nathan Baer's steps to joining the California Highway Patrol

"The most difficult part was the physical and mental preparation for the Academy..."

Officer Lacey Heitman talks about her circumstances that led her to joining the California Highway Patrol.

Officer Heitman talks about the challenge she took on when wanting to be part of the CHP.

"My father was proud and my mother was scared, but supportive..."

From carpet cleaner to electrician to attending the CHP Academy, Officer Carlo Marzocca talks of how his friends and family viewed his becoming a CHP.

Read why Officer Carlo Marzocca joined the CHP

"The hiring process was what I had expected but the academy training was something I was not prepared for..."

Her experience as a Corrections Officer with Lake County Sheriff's Department made her want to work in the field.

See how Officer Tamara McCormack, a single mother, made it through the Academy.

"I graduated from a high school in the Philippines..."

Captain Ben Nocon chose the CHP after being on active duty with the Air Force looking for a career he could be proud of.

See Captain Ben Nocon's path from the Philippines to the CHP.

"My father is a surgeon and there was some expectation to follow in his footsteps..."

Officer Neil Pangilinan's work as an RN in the Emergency Department gave him a chance to associate with CHP officers.

Learn why Officer Neil Pangilinan chose a career with the CHP.

"When I initially told my family about applying for the California Highway Patrol (CHP), they replied, 'Dispatcher...?' "

Officer Kerri Rivas talks about how wanting to become a police officer lead her to joining the CHP.

Read how Officer Kerri Rivas overcame obstacles pursuing her career in the CHP.

"I was always active in High School..."

Growing up in Calexico, California, Captain Sanchez talks about how his dad's impression of the California Highway Patrol influenced his future.

Read why Captain Ernie Sanchez joined the CHP.

"Becoming a CHP officer had always been something I had aspired to as a child."

Read how car trouble in college helped cement Officer Graciela Torres' decision to become a CHP Officer.

Learn about Officer Graciela Torres and her path to the CHP.

"My family was very supportive and excited..."

Read about Officer Henry Vangemert's move from the Navy to the CHP

Officer Henry Vangemert answers why he became a CHP Officer.

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