Explorer Training


The Explorer Level I Academy outlines the basics of service expected from Explorer Cadets and consists of more than twenty-four hours of instruction typically held at the Area office. During the Level I Academy Explorer Cadets will learn about the California Vehicle Code, receive an introduction to criminal law, be shown how to properly document the storage and impounding of vehicles, learn the basics of how to investigate a traffic accident, become familiar with CHP's patrol radio equipment and communications protocols, as well as receive instruction on leadership and ethics. The completion of Level I Academy training provides explorer cadets with the knowledge necessary to perform a ride-along in a safe manner, and is therefore a prerequisite for explorer cadets participating in ride-alongs. Participating in ride-alongs with an officer gives Explorer Cadets a basic understanding of departmental field operations which will enhance their Levels II, III, and IV training. Upon successful completion of each level of training, Explorers shall receive a Certificate of Accomplishment in recognition of their achievements.

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