Explorer Training


The Explorer Level IV Academy is an advanced program of instruction designed to refine Explorerís skills and introduce them to the Departmentís cadet training standards. The Level IV Academy is a seven-day, live-in academy located at the CHP Academy in West Sacramento. In order to qualify for the Level IV Academy, an Explorer must have successfully completed the Explorer Levels I, II, and III Academies, be at least 20 years of age, and be in excellent health and physical condition. In addition to Physical Training, Use of Force, and DUI investigation training, Level IV attendees are given the rare opportunity to drive a patrol vehicle on the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course as well as participate in live-fire training at the range. Explorers who attend the Level IV Academy also receive first-hand knowledge about the CHPís testing and hiring process by filling out a sample application, completing a practice written exam, and participating in a mock oral interview. The Level IV Academy training is designed for those Explorers who have applied for, or will be applying for the position of CHP cadet and have demonstrated a commitment to the Department as well as the Explorer Post.

2013 Level IV Video

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