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PSD Angelia Baker

Angelia L. Baker has been a Dispatcher with the California Highway Patrol since August 1994. She was born in Los Angeles, California, and graduated from Downtown Business Magnet High School in 1986. After graduation, Angelia knew she wanted a career that would allow her to retire with great benefits; therefore she joined the United States Air Force. The Air Force was Angelia's first time away from home, so she was very grateful to be stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, only six hours away from her family in Los Angeles. During her four years of Armed Services Click here to read full story.



PSDSI Rhonda Fitzgerald

Rhonda's career as a Public Safety Dispatcher for the CHP started later in life, and in an unusual way. While driving to work at her job at a telecommunications company she witnessed a car accident at a 4-way intersection. She pulled over and while calling 911 on her cell phone assessed all the parties in the vehicles to make sure no one was seriously injured. Everyone was fine until she came to the last car that caused the accident and found an elderly gentleman visibly shaken from the accident.
She waited with him until Click here to read full story.

Public Safety Operator Sheila Kanne

Sheila was born and raised in San Francisco, and graduated from San Francisco City College. When she moved her family from San Francisco to Solano County, she decided to find a job closer to her new home.

A neighbor told her about the CHP Dispatch Center in Vallejo, so she checked it out and thought she would be a good match. After attending the Clark Training Center in Riverside for Phase I Training, She returned to... Click here to read full story.



Public Safety Dispatcher Rick Rocha

Public Safety Dispatcher Rick Rocha was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He graduated from Riordan High School, then attended City College of San Francisco and later Napa College. While attending Napa College, he enrolled in criminal justice classes and thought of working in law enforcement as an officer.
Rick comes from a family that has been dedicated to service for the CHP. His sister's husband (now retired) worked as a CHP officer in San Francisco. His older brother has also been a CHP Officer for over 27 years. By 1992, for personal reasons, he realized... Click here to read full story.

Public Safety Dispatcher Amber Deen

Amber was born in Alameda County, California to a family already dominated by men wearing badges; Military Police, City Police, Correctional Officers, and Sheriff Deputies - it seemed as though she was the next generation destined for a career in Law Enforcement!
She started her career as a Public Safety Dispatcher (PSD) for the police department in her hometown... Click here to read full story.


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