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The California Highway Patrol

Public Safety Dispatchers

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Are you an individual who can remain calm in emergency situations...

The job is not for everyone. It is the nature of the job that, at anytime, an emergency call will require your full immediate attention and response. If you can remain calm and even tempered during emergency situations, then you are Public Safety Dispatcher, CHP, material. Candidates must be willing to work various shifts, including weekends and holidays.


  • Monitoring and responding to radio and emergency systems
  • Keeping track of field units, complaints, and incidents
  • Dispatching field units
  • Querying data bases
  • Record keeping
  • Maintaining resource materials
  • Advising the public and other law enforcement agencies
  • Receiving requests for service
  • Receiving, evaluating, and summarizing complaints prior to dispatching the information
  • Communicating with difficult callers

For information regarding exams:

(916) 843-3820

Call to speak with a recruiter at:

(916) 843-3275 or (888) 422-4756
Or, visit the California Human Resources web site.


For questions about the Recruiting Process, speak with a Recruiter by calling (888) 422-4756.