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Meet a CHP Dispatcher - Angelia Baker

   PSD Angelia Baker
PSD Angelia Baker

Angelia L. Baker has been a Dispatcher with the California Highway Patrol since August 1994. She was born in Los Angeles, California, and graduated from Downtown Business Magnet High School in 1986. After graduation, Angelia knew she wanted a career that would allow her to retire with great benefits; therefore she joined the United States Air Force. The Air Force was Angelia’s first time away from home, so she was very grateful to be stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, only six hours away from her family in Los Angeles. During her four years of Armed Services, Angelia served as an Air Traffic Controller; where she endured Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Homesickness proved to be a deciding factor on why she did not re-enlist, and after her tour of duty she returned to Southern California.

PSD Angelia Baker Newly discharged from the Air Force, she was looking for employment and a friend told her the California Highway Patrol was hiring for dispatchers. She submitted her application.

Upon being hired, she spent the first ten years of her CHP career in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Communications Center, and it was wonderful. In 2004, she transferred to the Golden Gate Communications Center. Angelia really enjoyed the fact that there was an alternative work week, overtime and great benefits. It was an easy adjustment for her because she was comfortable being in a structured work environment, utilizing similar codes and language she had used in the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller. Additionally, it was great that she was able to apply her military experience to a new career as a California Highway Patrol, Public Safety Dispatcher.