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Meet a CHP Dispatcher - Amber Deen


PSD Amber Deen

Amber was born in Alameda County, California to a family already dominated by men wearing badges; Military Police, City Police, Correctional Officers, and Sheriff Deputies- it seemed as though she was the next generation destined for a career in Law Enforcement!

She started her career as a Public Safety Dispatcher (PSD) for the police department in her hometown- a small department comprised of fifteen police officers and five dispatchers. It was here that she learned what it meant to multi-task; answering and dispatching 9-1-1 emergency and non emergency calls, operating two way radios for her department and allied agencies, assisting citizens at the front counter, and handling all the “to-be-processed” reports as a solo dispatcher.

Fast forward five years, she applied for a position with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as a PSD at the Redding CHP Communications Center. After an extensive background process, she was hired. Leaving behind the comfort of the family she made at the Police Department was extremely difficult, but the open-arms welcome she received from the CHP communications center helped immensely to ease the transition.

“The decision to become a PSD is by far one of the best decisions that I have made. I have built a foundation of adopted family that I know I can count on through thick and thin, and my previous employment in law enforcement has helped me excel within CHP. Having the experience with criminal reports, a general understanding of penal codes, and how allied agencies work outside of this department has made my job easier and more comprehensive.”

My transition to CHP was motivated by my love of the job, and the desire to fulfill this calling for the rest of my career. CHP has given me the opportunity to do what I love, with the possibility to relocate anywhere in the state with a simpler transfer process. CHP has also given me the freedom to be secure and comfortable with building my retirement. I am grateful every day for those who helped to get my career started and I look forward to a very satisfying and rewarding future with the CHP family!

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