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Meet a CHP Dispatcher - Sheila Kanne

   PSO Sheila Kanne
PSD Sheila Kanne

Sheila was born and raised in San Francisco, and graduated from San Francisco City College. When she moved her family from San Francisco to Solano County, she decided to find a job closer to her new home. A neighbor told her about the CHP Dispatch Center in Vallejo, so she checked it out and thought she would be a good match. After attending the Clark Training Center in Riverside for Phase I Training, She returned to GGCC as a Public Safety Operator. She continues to enjoy the position and take pride in working for CHP Dispatch.

PSD Sheila Kanne Over the past eight-plus years, she has handled a wide variety of calls. No two days are alike. Some calls are very easy, such as non-injury accidents, and other calls can leave a lasting effect when someone is hurt or a victim of a violent crime. Sheila says on tough days, she simply goes home and hugs her family.

For the past few years Sheila has assisted on the GGCC Training Team, assisting new employees in Phase I Training. She thoroughly enjoys training and thinks it is wonderful feeling to see the newly hired trainee’s progress and become Public Safety Operators and Public Safety Dispatchers.