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Meet a CHP Dispatcher - Terry Mason

   PSO Terry Mason
PSD Terry Mason

Terry Mason has been employed with the California Highway Patrol for 24 years. Originally she worked in our smaller communications centers for many years and she remembers when the dispatchers were able to work hand in hand with the Officers and interact with them on a daily basis. The family atmosphere in the area office was both gratifying and rewarding.

PSD Terry Mason Over the years, Terry has had her share of stressful incidents. In 1989, while working in Oakland, what started as a muggy, calm, fall day, turned into a disaster when the ground started to shake. Yes, it was the Loma Prieta earthquake. Although rattled, the Dispatch Center assisted the Officers with accidents, fires and the devastation of the Nimitz Freeway collapse. Terry did what Dispatchers do. She helped people get the assistance they needed.

When the smaller communications centers in the Bay Area merged into Golden Gate Communications Center the California Highway Patrol, underwent major changes and switched from writing on cards to typing on computers. Terry overcame the obstacles and learned that computers are her friend. The teamwork and sense of pride helped bring her to where she is today. Terry has had the opportunity to work at the California Highway Patrol Academy as a Public Safety Dispatch Instructor, been Freeway Service Patrol Dispatcher of the Year, volunteered for several special assignments and for several years, and has been involved in the Peer Support Program that assists CHP employees involved in stressful incidents.