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The CHP offers military personnel a unique working environment which utilizes the skills, self-discipline, and life experiences you have developed during military service. Former military personnel easily fit into the CHP's workforce and adapt well to our paramilitary work environment. You can use your former military skills and self-initiative to help you promote through the CHP's ranks.

Applicants who have served in the United States Armed Forces as defined in Government Code Section 18540, and who qualify as a veteran, are entitled to veteransí preference. If a veteran passes the certification test, they will move to Rank 1 of the eligibility list regardless of the passing score. Being in Rank 1 means you will have a much greater opportunity to be interviewed for open dispatcher positions. To find out more information and obtain the Application for the Veteran's Preference go to the California Department of Human Resources application PDF:

Veteranís Preference Program application

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