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The California Highway Patrol

Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I get an application?
What is the Selection Process for CHP Cadets?
How long does the process take?
Why does this process take so long?
What happens if I don't pass, or complete, any of the steps in the testing and evaluation process?
How are the first field assignements made?
Is the CHP going to start accepting laterals?
How should I prepare physically for the Academy?
When is the next test?
Can I take the tests in a location other than my home area?
Does CHP accept T-scores from other agencies?
Can an applicant take the POST written exam multiple times?
What if I recently got a speeding ticket?
What if I have used marijuana or other drugs?
What if I have been convicted of a misdemeanor?
What is the average age of cadets?
What is the best way to study for the written test?
Are cell phones allowed at the Academy?
What information will I need for my background investigation?
What are some factors that may lengthen my background investigation?
Can I go on a ride along?
How long will it take my Background Investigator to contact me?
How can I apply for the Veteran's Preference Program? And when does it have to be turned in?
What is your tattoo and body art policy?


For questions about the Recruiting Process, speak with a Recruiter by calling (888) 422-4756.